Build Your OpenNebula Cloud Day at LOADays

Next Monday April 7th a completely free Build Your OpenNebula Cloud Day will take place in Antwerp, Belgium:


  • 09:30 – 13:30: OpenNebula Tutorial (Jaime Melis)
  • 13:30 – 14:30: LUNCH
  • 14:30 – 17:30: OpenNebula Cloud Image Creation/Hack Session
  • 17:30 – 18:00: CLOSING

Attendees will build a virtualised two-node OpenNebula Cloud environment based on CentOS using VirtualBox and take it home. In the afternoon we will do a practical session on the process of creating images, contextualization and best-practices.

Register to this event using this link:

OpenNebula Talk at LOADays

OpenNebula will participate in the LOADays event that will be held this weekend, the 5th & 6th April in Antwerp, Belgium, with a talk about OpenNebula, about the new and exciting features of the last releases (featuring a live demo, of course) that will take place on Sunday, April 6th at 17h00.

It’s a great event that you shouldn’t miss, with a strong emphasis on Linux and Unix sysadmins, and people interested in Free Open-Source Software in general. We guarantee plenty of interesting conversations, top-quality talks and a lot of fun.


Looking forward to seeing you there!

About How OpenNebula is Enabling Business in the Cloud

This week we gave an invited talk in the open-source cloud session at Future Internet Assembly 2014. Its aim was to show how OpenNebula is driving innovation in cloud computing, impacting the adoption of private cloud, and enabling business in the cloud.

We covered the following scenarios:

  • First, most organizations adopt cloud to optimize their IT investment, to improve existing services or to support new business and service models. In this scenario, OpenNebula lowers the barriers for new organizations to build their private cloud.
  • Second, many organizations like the fact that open source allows great customization to meet individual requirements. They can build a differentiated cloud service to meet customers needs or to offer new cloud provision models for a specific market segment or geography.
  • Third, open-source also encourages and supports innovation in the development of new cloud products. We have seen many examples of how its use lowers the barriers for new ICT players to create their own cloud offerings.

We wanted to present experiences from users, so we included some details about how OpenNebula is being used by four Europe companies. Big thanks to Armin Deliomini (Runtastic), Stefan Kooman (, Carlo Daffara (CloudWeabers) and Bernd Erk (Netways)!.

OpenNebula at FLOSSUK 2014 – Brighton

FLOSSUK 2014The yearly spring meeting of the FLOSS UK takes place in Brighton this year. The venue in the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton is typical british and about 100 meters away from the ocean. Independent from the lovely countryside i have the chance to take about our way from manual configured XEN-Instanes to a fully fledged OpenNebula-Cloud. Using OpenNebula for years know, is a big advantage for us and helps us a lot in our daily business.

There was a lot of activity in the OpenNebula Project the last year, so i have much things to talk about. Native GlusterFS Support, improved Network and Storage Drivers are just a few examples about that. If you are in Brighton or have a chance to come over please join my talk tomorrow.

I talked to several people yesterday and many of them gave OpenNebula a shot after listening to my last years talk about it. There is nothing better i think :-)

Experiences at CeBIT 2014

Last week we participated at CeBIT 2014. In the unlikely case you are not familiar with CeBIT, it is the world’s largest and most international computer expo (wikipedia’s words, not ours ;) ). We were demoing the latest features in OpenNebula 4.6, as well as hanging around the booth of the active and community engaged Netways, we would like to thank them for the support. We’ve also featured a talk in the Open Source Park, about the history of the OpenNebula project.


All in all, a very good experience. CeBIT is a very interesting place to meet with people who are looking for what you offer, so if you are planning to attend next year and need for an outstanding Cloud Management Platform (aka OpenNebula), see you in Hannover!

OpenNebula TechDay Ede – Agenda and Speaker Line-up

The OpenNebula Project is proud to announce the final agenda and line-up of speakers for our first OpenNebula TechDay. The TechDay will be hosted by, internet service provider and datacenter in The Netherlands, on the 26th of March. The agenda includes a hands-on cloud installation and operation workshop, presentations from OpenNebula community members and users, and an open space to discuss passionate questions, burning ideas, features, integrations…

9:00-13:00: Hands-on Workshop
Jaime Melis, Engineer at OpenNebula and C12G Labs

13:00-14:00: Lunch

14:00 – 14:30: Introduction to the TechDays
Rubén S. Montero, Chief Architect at OpenNebula and C12G Labs

14:30 – 15:00: New Features in OpenNebula
Jaime Melis, Engineer at OpenNebula and C12G Labs

15:00 – 15:30: OpenNebula Experiences @
Stefan Kooman,

15:30 – 15:45: Coffee Break

15:45 – 16:15: OpenNebula Experiences @ SURFsara
Ander Astudillo, Consultant / Scientific developer at SURFsara

16:15 – 16:45: OpenNebula from the SysAdmin Perspective
Toshaan Barvhani, VanTosh

16:45 – 17:30: Open Space

There are still some seats available, register now! Looking forward to meeting you in Ede.

OpenNebula at Cloud Expo Europe 2014

A few days ago we were at the Cloud Expo Europe 2014 event in London. As part of the Open Cloud Forum sessions about open source cloud solutions, there was an OpenNebula tutorial.

Now, this is a hands-on tutorial where attendees are supposed to follow the slides and build their own small OpenNebula installation in a virtual environment, and the people that showed up were not really interested in replicating the tutorial in their laptops… But after the initial let-down, it turns out this was a very engaged audience that showed a great interest! Because the introduction and basic configuration tutorial was done fairly quickly, we had time to continue with a question & answer session that lasted more than the tutorial itself.


There were some common questions we get from time to time:

“It looks far better that I expected for what I thought was a research-only project”. Well, OpenNebula is a solid product, and it has been ready to be used in production for quite some time. Take a look at the featured users page.

“But what if I need a level of support that an open source community cannot guarantee?” Good news! C12G Labs, the company behind OpenNebula, has you covered. The best thing is that the commercial support is offered for the same open source packages available to anyone.

“Is the VMware support on par with the other hypervisors?” Absolutely! All the features are supported. You can even use a heterogeneous environment with the VMware hosts grouped into a cluster, working alongside a KVM or Xen cluster.

We also had time to talk about advanced OpenNebula features. Our documentation is quite big and reading all of it is definitely not appealing, but if you are starting with OpenNebula I recommend you to at least skim through all the sections. You may find out that you have several storage options, that OpenNebula can manage groups of VMs and has auto scaling features, or that VM guests can report back to ONE.

People were also very interested in the customization capabilities of OpenNebula. Besides the powerful driver mechanism that allows administrators to tailor the exact behaviour of OpenNebula, you can also customize the way it looks. The CLI output can be tweaked in the etc configuration files, and Sunstone can adjusted down to which buttons are shown with the Sunstone Views.

Thanks to the engaged audience for their great interest and their feedback. See you next year!

OpenNebula at CeBIT 2014


NETWAYS will be holding a booth at the world´s leading high- tech exhibition, from March 10th – 14th at CeBIT 2014, Hanover, Germany. NETWAYS is a premium partner of C12G Labs and a contributor of the OpenNebula project. Due to our broad experience in OpenNebula, interested parties are invited to visit our booth in order to find out more about the latest innovations and news, as well as demonstrations of the latest OpenNebula functionality. For those who already know they want to meet us, we highly recommend making an appointment but of course you can also just drop by at hall 6 (booth E16 319).

Moreover, all through Thursday 13th and the morning of Friday 14th, members of the OpenNebula team will be hanging around the NETWAYS booth, so please feel free to come by for more information on the project, as well as fresh news on the planned future of OpenNebula.

Aside from that, all OpenNebula fans should definitely not miss the presentation “OpenNebula: Open-Source Enterprise Cloud Simplified” held by Tino at the Open Source Forum (hall6) on Friday, March 14th.

We´ll see you in Hanover!

Hands-on Tutorial at Cloud Expo Europe 2014, London

We are happy to announce that next February 27 we will be giving a tutorial at the Open Cloud Forum event, that will take place at Cloud Expo Europe 2014, London.


This hands-on tutorial will give an overview of how OpenNebula is used to build and operate private clouds. The target audience is devops and system administrators interested in deploying a private cloud solution, or in the integration of OpenNebula with other platform. The attendees will build, configure and operate their own OpenNebula cloud in their laptops, using two VirtualBox virtual machines.

Don’t miss this great conference, register now for free!

CentOS Dojo and Fosdem aftermath

This edition of the CentOS Dojo has been very intense. Besides being crowded with very interesting people and great conversations (as it’s customary in all Dojos) the hackathon went even better than we would have hoped. The following items were achieved:

  • CloudInit 0.7.4 100% supported by OpenNebula and CentOS . Big thanks to Sam Kottler for providing that package and assisting us with the process.
  • Initial set of systemd scripts for OpenNebula developed, will be published as soon as CentOS 7 is out.
  • OpenNebula-node-xen package developed. It will be added to the CentOS packages very shortly. Thanks to the Xen guys and to Johnny Hughes for his assistance with the kickstart file.

We also had the chance to meet new OpenNebula users, which  as usual provide great feedback and exciting comments. It is also worthy of mention the conversation we had with John Mark from the GlusterFS project, who besides providing excellent ideas and recommendations for Gluster, will work with us very shortly in an announcement!


The Fosdem has also been very exciting: interesting conversations around Cloud, interoperability, OpenNebula demos, storage solutions and new projects using OpenNebula that wil be announced very soon!

Big thanks to Karanbir Singh for organizing the Dojo and the hackathon, and for having us at the CentOS table of the Fosdem.

Stand by for a bunch of exciting announcements that have blossomed these past days!

OpenNebula at CentOS Brussels Dojo and FOSDEM 2014

We are happy to announce that OpenNebula will be at the upcoming CentOS Dojo Brussels, which will take place on Friday 31st January and again at the FOSDEM 2014 the following day.

OpenNebula will be part of a very special event during the CentOS Dojo, a hackathon called CentOS in the Cloud, where we will focus in creating, testing and releasing CentOS Cloud images among many other things as part of a more general effort of making an even better OpenNebula experience in CentOS.

If you are interested in deploying production-ready private or public clouds in minutes with fully functional working images, you should definitely drop by this event. It’s going to be fun and exciting!

On saturday morning, you will also be able to meet us at the CentOS table. We will have a computer with us and we will be happy to run some demos, and show off all the things we’ve accomplished so far.

OpenNebula and CentOS already make an amazing couple, and it’s only going to get even better!