“Because it simply works” is the most frequent answer to the question “Why would you recommend OpenNebula to a colleague?” that we make to our users in a short survey that tells us how we are doing. Other frequent answers are “Because it is easy to install, maintain and update” or  “Because it is easy to customize”. “Rich functionality and stability” and “support for VMware” are also frequently mentioned by the survey respondents.

The main reasons for using OpenNebula have changed little since we wrote a first post with the Top 10 a couple of years ago. Thanks to your feedback, we have seen that enterprise readiness, simplicity and maturity are now within the top reasons for choosing OpenNebula:

  • Powerful and Innovative: Most advanced and innovative enterprise-class functionality for the management of virtualized data centers to build private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Infrastructure Agnostic: Fully platform independent with broad support for commodity and enterprise-grade hypervisor, storage and networking resources, allowing to leverage existing IT infrastructure, protecting your investments, and avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Adaptable, Extensible and Integrable: Open, adaptable and extensible architecture, interfaces and components to build your customized cloud service or product
  • Interoperable: Cloud interoperability and portability providing cloud consumers with choice across standards and most popular cloud interfaces
  • Fully Open Source: OpenNebula is not a feature or performance limited edition of an Enterprise version, OpenNebula is truly open-source code, not open core, distributed under Apache license
  • Very Light Solution: Despite its technical sophistication and advanced functionality, OpenNebula is easy to download, install and update
  • Stable and Proven: Rigorously tested through an internal quality assurance process and by a large community with scalability, reliability and performance tested on many massive scalable production deployments
  • Mature: Development driven by user needs and matured through many release cycles
  • Enterprise-class Product: OpenNebula comprises all key functionalities for enterprise cloud computing, storage and networking in a single install, and ensures its long term stability and performance through a single integrated patching and updating process
  • One-stop Support: Wide variety of community and commercial support from the developers of OpenNebula

Thanks for your feedback!.

Yesterday we gave a presentation at CloudOpen, an event co-located with LinuxCon in San Diego, US. After a demo of the different web and cloud interfaces that OpenNebula offers, we talked about the advanced features that allow the creation of complex scenarios, and about OpenNebula’s unique capabilities to be customized to the cloud provider’s specific needs.

It was great to finally meet in person some users and contributors from our community. Thanks to the Linux Foundation for this great event.

The slides are available at slideshare:

OpenNebula participated last 25th of August in the 7th edition of FrOSCon, the Free and Open Source Software Conference which took place in the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany.

We had the chance to introduce the OpenNebula architecture and building blocks, and its newest features (like Marketplace, oZones…) to an enthusiastic audience, which showed interest in the good VMware support and the EC2 integration among other topics.

You can find the slides of the presentation below. The video recording from the session will be added as soon as it is available. It was great to participate in FrOSCon for the first time and we hope to come back on future occasions to such an awesome conference.