We want to let you know that OpenNebula Systems has just announced the availability of vOneCloud version 2.0.

This new release of the appliance, based on a tailored version of OpenNebula 5.0 Wizard to ease the provisioning of resources from vSphere based infrastructures, comes packed with exciting new features. Coming from functionality present in 5.0 we found:

  • Datastore and VMDK image management, as well as import.
  • New Virtual Router Resource, to allow routing between isolated virtual networks.
  • More flexible vCenter VM naming, with a configurable prefix.
  • New resource pool mode, with the ability to select in which resource pool a particular VM is confined.
  • New OneFlow templates operations, like the ability to clone existing service templates.
  • Keep disks on done, to avoid deleting disks when the VM is terminated.
  • Instantiate to persistent, to easily create a rich VM Template catalog.
  • Dynamic VM reconfiguration, that can be performed while the VM is running or powered off.
  • Share resources between logical clusters, like Virtual Networks and Datastores.

The above features and components add to the already present ability to expose a multi-tenant cloud-like provisioning layer through the use of virtual data centers and self-service portal. vOneCloud seamlessly integrates with running vCenter virtualised infrastructures, leveraging advanced features such as vMotion, HA or DRS scheduling provided by the VMware vSphere product family. If you are building a large-scale cloud, are interested in the federation of multiple cloud instances, hybrid deployments, or want to integrate with third party components, customize the product or manage open source hypervisors, we recommend an installation of OpenNebula.

vOneCloud is zero intrusive (although it fully manages the life cycle of VMs), try it out without the need to commit to it. If you don’t like it (as strange at that may be!) you can just remove the appliance.

OpenNebula Systems will run a booth at VMworld 2016 US in Las Vegas on August 28-31 and VMworld 2016 EU in Barcelona on October 17-20 where they will demo the new version.

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A new maintenance release of the OpenNebula 5.x Wizard series, 5.0.1, has been released and is available for download.

This release comes with the following bug fixes:

The OpenNebula team would like to thanks all members of the community that contributed hugely with their evaluation of the beta, RC and final stable version and provided feedback on it. You are the reason why OpenNebula rocks, and of course you rock as well!

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OpenNebula Conf 2016 is getting closer and we would like to keep sharing with you the companies/projects that are sponsoring this year’s conference. Now it is time for LINBIT, as part of our Platinum Sponsors.

If you want to participate in OpenNebula Conf and meet LINBIT and other OpenNebula users, remember that you are still in time for getting a good price deal for tickets. Also, if your company is interested in sponsoring OpenNebulaConf 2016 there are still slots.


LINBIT is the leading Linux based storage replication provider. They work with industry leaders from the storage and network sectors, designing next generation critical infrastructures. Major cloud solutions providers, data center operators, OEM and ISV integrators and commercial enterprises employ LINBIT’s open source software DRBD to ensure High Availability and Disaster Recovery replication. LINBIT is privately-held and headquartered in Vienna, Austria and Portland, OR.

The DRBD Software Defined Storage solution, comprised of the DRBD9 Linux kernel driver and the DRBD Manage provisioning software, can be used as image storage for OpenNebula. This makes OpenNebula’s philosophy of Infrastructure As A Service extend to another important aspect: high availability.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.43.01 PM

The OpenNebula project is proud to announce the availability of the first stable release of OpenNebula 5.0 ‘Wizard’. This major update comes with several improvements in different subsystems and components, with minimal changes in the API and the VM life-cycle states, which embodies long overdue changes but implemented to minimize the impact and ensure backwards compatibility as far as possible.

A myriad of outstanding new features make their debut in Wizard. Sunstone never stops evolving, and this is the look and feel the team is most proud of to date.


Since sharing, provisioning and consuming cloud images is one of the main concerns when using Cloud, one of the most important new features is the new revamped Marketplaces. They can be seen as external datastores, where images can be easily imported, exported and shared by a federation of OpenNebula instances.

Check the following screencast to see an overview of the revamped interface present in OpenNebula 5.0 Wizard.

Native support for Virtual Routers is also great news in 5.0. Virtual Routers are an OpenNebula resource that provide routing across virtual networks. The routing itself is implemented with a VM appliance provided by the OpenNebula installation, which can be seamlessly deployed in high availability mode. This functionality is available for the VDC administrator, which can then join together virtual networks within her VDC.


For large scale deployments, a long overdue feature is the ability to group resources using labels, which is now present in Wizard’s Sunstone. This new feature will enable the possibility to group the different resources under a given label and filter them in the admin and cloud views.

For vCenter-based OpenNebula clouds, 5.0 is good news! Support for vCenter storage resources like Datastores and VMDKs enable a wealth of new functionality, like for instance VMDK upload, cloning and deleting, VM disk hotplug, choose Datastore for newly launched VMs and many more. Also, support for resource pools comes in this new major update, as well as the ability to instantiate to persistent (also available for KVM), all packed in an optimized driver.

There are many other improvements in 5.0, a few highlights follows. Check the full list of changes in the development portal.

  • Dynamic context regeneration
  • New host offline mode
  • Cluster resource sharing
  • VM configuration update
  • Renamed VM life-cycle
  • Support for DB change
  • Improved KVM, vCenter, and datastore monitoring
  • Better VNC port number assignment
  • Dynamic security groups
  • Updated instance types for the supported public clouds
  • Improved LVM drivers
  • Enabling use of Ceph without a shared filesystem for system datastore
  • A humongous number of improvements in all areas and dialogs in Sunstone
  • Enhanced OneGate component to report application metrics
  • As usual, great effort was put in this release to help build and maintain robust private, hybrid and public clouds with OpenNebula, fixing reported bugs and improving general usability

This OpenNebula release is named after NGC 7380 (also known as the Wizard Nebula), an open cluster also known as 142 in the 1959 Sharpless catalog (Sh2-142). This reasonably large nebula is located in Cepheus. It is extremely difficult to observe visually, usually requiring very dark skies and an O-III filter.

OpenNebula 5.0 Wizard is considered to be a stable release and as such, and update is available in production environments.

The OpenNebula project would like to thank the community members and users who have contributed to this software release by being active with the discussions, answering user questions, or providing patches for bugfixes, features and documentation.

Virtual Routers functionality was funded by Unity in the context of the Fund a Feature Program. Host offline mode, Marketplace, cluster resource sharing and Ceph as system datastore functionalities were funded by BlackBerry in the context of the Fund a Feature Program.

Supporting Quotes

“OpenNebula has been growing with our needs for private cloud management and with version 5.0 some very essential features like Virtual Routers, dynamic security groups, redesign on the way networks are defined, and much more are added. All of which enables us to scale
our private cloud even more.”
— Karsten Nielsen – Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations at Unity

“OpenNebula, being a lightweight enterprise ready open-source cloud management orchestrator, has taken our global private cloud to the next level and is fundamental into our continuous innovation and customer satisfaction. By upgrading to OpenNebula 5.0 we’ll be bringing in over 100 new features, particularly the redesigned Marketplace along with the enhanced storage drivers crucial for a faster delivery platform.”
— Khoder Shamy – Sr. Infrastructure Architect at Fuze

“We at Runtastic love the flexibility and simplicity of Opennebula. We don’t need to be experts on the topic, it simply works and does what it should. Now we are looking forward to using the new features of the upcoming Opennebula 5.0, specially using Ceph as a system datastore will ease usage and maintenance even more! Thx for the work guys!.”
— Armin Deliomini – Infrastructure Architect at Runtastic

“OpenNebula proved to be very handy to start from scratch, allowing us to reach a “cloud ready” status almost in a blink of an eye. Straightforward to deploy and to maintain, easy to customise and to tailor to our needs. After providing our customers with thousands of VMs by means of the ONE 4.x series, we’re looking forward to the new 5.0 release. The usual stability and smoothness in an up-to-date version of the cloud middleware we rely on.”
— Dr. Helmut Heller – Head of the Distributed Resources Group at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

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OpenNebula Conf 2016 is getting closer and we would like to keep sharing with you the companies/projects that are sponsoring this year’s conference. Now it is time for Terradue, as part of our Silver Sponsors.

If you want to participate in OpenNebula Conf and meet Terradue and other OpenNebula users, remember that you are still in time for getting a good price deal for tickets. Also, if your company is interested in sponsoring OpenNebulaConf 2016 there are still slots.

About Terradue

 Terradue was founded in 2006 as a European Space Agency (ESA) spin-off. Our mission is to innovate data integration and analysis Cloud services for Earth Sciences. Today, user communities working on Terradue Cloud Platform contribute to research ecosystems where public and private sectors jointly develop skills for the new digital, computational science. Our flagship solution for massive processing of Earth Observation data is orchestrated using OpenNebula. Terradue’s Private Cloud is also using OpenNebula for its very effective, customizable cloud technology. As an open source project, OpenNebula offers a strong vehicle to contribute enhancements, and build dedicated solutions for our customers. Terradue is an OpenNebula Partner since 2013, from which we appreciate direct interactions with support, well-established branding rules, a joint vision to develop OpenNebula markets, and good visibility on the OpenNebula roadmap. At the OpenNebula Conference 2016, we will also present our future endeavours in building Digital Marketplaces, allowing user communities to cross-fertilize cloud-enabled tools and data repositories for Earth Sciences.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.43.01 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.43.01 PM

As you may already know, this year OpenNebulaConf is taking place in Barcelona again, on October 24-26.  If you are willing to attend and can save now the date you can take advantage of a 40% discount in your Conf tickets until mid July.

Guided by your feedback from previous editions, we have changed the traditional format of our conference this year and have included more community sessions to learn and network. We have just published a preliminary agenda with the main sessions.


There will be three pre-conference tutorials in the afternoon of October 24th:

  • OpenNebula Introductory Tutorial
  • OpenNebula Advanced Tutorial
  • Invited Tutorials (to be announced)


During the conference, we will have four keynotes. In a few days we will announce our impressive line-up of keynote speakers.

Community Sessions => CALL FOR SPEAKERS!

The Conference includes several community sessions:

OpenNebula User Workshops with presentations by community members describing aspects related to their use of OpenNebula:

  • Research projects
  • User experiences
  • Case studies
  • Best practices
  • Any other topics that you feel are relevant to users, administrators, and architects

Hands-on Workshops with presentations by community members related to storage, hypervisors, networking, federation and security with OpenNebula:

  • Deployment scenarios
  • Integration
  • Tuning & debugging
  • Best practices
  • Any other topics that you feel are relevant to developers and integrators

The Call for Speakers is open until June 24th, 2016. Speakers will receive a 50% discount in their registration to the conference.

If you want to get an idea of the past OpenNebulaConf sessions, including talks from companies such as CentOS, Runtastic, Puppet Labs, Cloudweavers, RedHat, Produban, Unity, Deutsche Post, please check our Youtube channel or download the presentations from our SlideShare account.

The agenda also includes new sessions to Meet the Experts, aimed at providing an informal atmosphere where delegates can interact with experts who will give their undivided attention for knowledge, insight and networking.

Sponsorship Opportunities => CALL FOR SPONSORS!

You can learn about the different sponsorship opportunities at the Conference web page. Current sponsors of the OpenNebulaConf 2016 include StorPool as Platinum Sponsor, NodeWeaver as Gold Sponsor and Terradue as Silver Sponsor.

And last, but not least, do not forget the main reason that allows these conferences to exist! Check out our evening events in prime locations of Barcelona, the city that never sleeps.

The OpenNebula monthly newsletter, with latest developments, events and future plans for the upcoming months from the OpenNebula project. Read this newsletter to keep up to date with your favourite Cloud Management Platform.
There are new dates for the OpenNebulaConf 2016, now it starts one day before, October 24-26, in Barcelona. You might be interested in taking a look at the sponsorship opportunities. Final touches are being given to the agenda, which will be published soon. The very early bird registration has been extended until 15th of June. Also, check out the list of upcoming OpenNebula TechDays to see if there is one on your doorstep that you cannot miss.


OpenNebula 5.0 Wizard is around the corner! With the Beta version released recently, the team is baking a release candidate, and is planning a final stable Wizard release for mid June. Wizard is in feature freeze, and the effort is focused on solving bugs. We appreciate your feedback if you have the time to try out the Beta version!
This are the highlighted gems that you can find in Wizard:

  • revamped Marketplace, now a first class citizen in OpenNebula, to import/export images to and from any datastore (including the new vCenter datastores)
  •  vCenter storage management, including datastore selection, disk hotplug, vmdk creation, cloning and deletion; and full integration with the new Marketplace functionality. Also, vCenter resource pool selection for deployed VMs will be possible.
  •  fully integrated virtual router management (including default and transparent HA for routers). Link virtual networks together using a robust HA router, that will come out of the box in OpenNebula
  •  revisited Sunstone style and interface changes (sneak peek), including an extension of the Cloud View available operations, to iron out the wrinkles in the user experience
  •  instantiate to persistent! Do not lose your VM changes, OpenNebula will create a new VM Template and preserver the disks of a VM, even if they are non-persistent.

Check the full list of feature in the development portal.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.10.36
A great effort has been put in the new documentation. The new documentation focus on the cloud architects, admins and end users, and extra care has been taken in separating the different technologies supported by OpenNebula.
OpenNebula needs you! We are looking for translators for Sunstone. If you are a native speaker of any language other than english, we would appreciate your effort in making OpenNebula more widely adopted. It is very easy: the existing translations can be updated and new translations submitted through our project site at Transifex


Members of the community has been as helpful as always. Contributing in different ways, you are the reason why OpenNebula is such a useful project.
Devuan folks have contributed a 1.0 Devuan image to the OpenNebula marketplace. Now you can try Devuan in your OpenNebula cloud, it is just a few clicks away!.
Keeping the morale high is really important, especially in hard development times such as this one (5.0 is getting this much love!). That is why getting this kind of feedback is so important, it is the fuel that keeps us going.

New Sunstone layout in @opennebula look awesome

And it is good to know that Wizard is appealing not only visually, but also feature-wise.

@opennebula beta One 4.9 replace HW router #VyOS & #OpenvSwitch, truly awesome stuff

As with translation, having material in your own language about a technology is very important to reach everyone that may be interested in it. That is why efforts like this one (in Spanish) are very, very welcome.
As usual, we want to give the thumbs up to the community for their active involvement in the OpenNebula forum, specially helping newcomers. This is very important for the adoption of the project.


The next OpenNebula Conference in Barcelona in October 2016 has been rescheduled to start one day before, from 24 to 26 of October. If you are willing to attend and can save now the date you can take advantage of a 40% discount in your Conf tickets until mid June. Learn about the different sponsorship opportunities in the Conference web page. Current sponsors of the OpenNebulaConf 2016 include StorPool as Platinum Sponsor, NodeWeaver as Gold Sponsor and Terradue as Silver Sponsor. If you want to understand what all the OpenNebula Conference fuzz is about, check the last Conference material (talks, slides,pictures).
OpenNebula will be sponsoring this 2nd of June the OpenExpo in Madrid, an event to promote and evaluate solutions and tendencies in the FLOSS industry. OpenNebula will have a booth in which members of the project will be presenting the new features available in the upcoming release, 5.0 Wizard; as well as give two talks about the OpenNebula technology.
Check out the projected OpenNebula TechDays for this year in case one is close to your location. If you are interested in participating in (or hosting) any of these TechDays agenda let us know. Besides the TechDays already celebrated (in Kuala Lumpur, Sofia, Madrid, Dallas, Toronto and Cambridge, Ede), this year members of the OpenNebula team will be participating in TechDays the following locations: Nuremberg and Dublin.
The EDE OpenNebula TechDay was a total success. Attendees learned how people from Fujitsu and the Dutch National Archive build their infrastructure, and people from Ceph explained how their technology work.

Members of the OpenNebula team will be present in the following events in upcoming months:

Remember that you can see slides and resources from past events in our Events page. We have also created a Slideshare account where you can see the slides from some of our recent presentations.

Dear community,

As OpenNebula 5.0 comes closer, we would like to launch a call for translations of our web-based user interface: Sunstone.

It is very easy: the existing translations can be updated and new translations submitted through our project site at Transifex


Translations reaching a good level of completion will be included in the official final release of OpenNebula. Deadline for translations is Friday, 10th of June.

Thanks for your collaboration!