Add-ons Catalog

The add-ons listed here have been created by developers from the OpenNebula community, ranging from individual developers and research centers to corporations. Check their compatibility with the versions of OpenNebula and their level of maturity. Some of them are experimental and have not been reviewed.

Name Type Repository Guides Description
Pyone Library GitHub Doc Python binding for XMLRPC
iSCSI Storage Driver GitHub Doc Datastore driver for iSCSI
AppMarket Tool GitHub Doc Build a marketplace to share appliances between OpenNebula instances
KVM SR-IOV Network Driver GitHub Doc Networking drivers to support SR-IOV devices, including Infiniband, in KVM virtual machines
oneInsight Tool GitHub Doc Visualization add-on that allows users to have at a glance, an insight on the load of managed hosts.
Windows Contextualization Tool GitHub Doc Contextualization Scripts for Windows VMs
Metadata Tool GitHub Doc Metadata server for OpenNebula
iSCSI V7000 Storage Driver GitHub Doc iSCSI Storage Driver for IBM Storwize V7000 SAN
StorPool Storage Driver GitHub Doc StorPool Storage Driver
EYWA Network Driver GitHub Doc Virtual Network Driver for HA/LB
ZFS Storage Driver Storage Driver GitHub Doc The ZFS datastore driver provides OpenNebula with the possibility of using ZVOL volumes instead of plain files to hold the Virtual Images.
LXCoNe VMM Driver GitHub Doc VMM Driver to manage LXC containers
DRBD Storage Driver GitHub Doc DRBD Manage Storage Driver
vCloud Driver VMM Driver GitHub Doc Driver to manage resources in VMware vCloud infrastructures. It includes virtualization and monitoring drivers.
LXDoNe VMM Driver GitHub Doc VMM Driver to manage LXD containers
nodejs Library GitHub Doc OpenNebula XMLRPC Nodejs client
Image Backup Tool GitHub Doc OpenNebula backup script for QCOW2 datastores
Zabbix Tool GitHub Doc Zabbix template for monitoring OpenNebula cloud

The following repositories are no longer maintained:

Name Type Repository Guides Description
Ganglia Monitoring Driver GitHub Doc Information Manager drivers for Ganglia
jclouds4one Cloudbursing Driver GitHub Doc Cloud bursting driver to access remote cloud providers using jclouds
storage-vdc Storage Driver GitHub Doc Storage for virtual machines providing a shared platform with support for caching, replication, live migration, snapshots and compression.
iSCSI Equallogic Storage Driver GitHub Doc iSCSI Storage Driver for Equallogic PS series SAN
Sheepdog Storage Driver GitHub Doc Sheepdog Storage Driver
Saturnring SCSI Storage Driver GitHub Doc Saturn SCSI storage backend for a persistent block device datastore

The OpenNebula project does not endorse or recommend any products listed, and cannot vouch for the quality or reliability of any of them.