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China Mobile Releases OpenNebula-based Public Cloud

In June 2014, China Mobile announced its public cloud product, named “Mobile Cloud”, which provides infrastructure cloud services to Industry, Education and Goverment.   China Moblie’s  Cloud provide object storage , elastic computing service  and network services. The elastic computing service is based on Opennebula. Before announcing it officially, the platform has been running for […]

OpenNebula LXC Driver Plugin (OneLXC)

Work done by China Mobile in the Big Cloud Elastic Computing System The aim of this post is to describe a new OpenNebula LXC driver (OneLXC) developed by China Mobile to allow the management of hosts and the deployment of lxc domains in OpenNebula using the LXC hypervisor. Features OneLXC mainly consists of two components: […]

China Mobile’s BigCloud Elastic Computing System Based on Opennebula

Big Cloud is the cloud computing software stack developed by China Mobile Research Institute to support China Mobile‘s operation platform and provide services to its more than 600 million customers. BC-EC, Big Cloud Elastic Computing, chose OpenNebula as its core component to manage and schedule the virtualization infrastructure in 2008. Since then, we are glad to see […]