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C12G and Logica Announce a Partnership on OpenNebula Cloud Services

C12G Labs today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Logica France, a business and technology service company, to offer cloud solutions to clients. Utilising C12G Labs OpenNebulaPro product, Logica completes its cloud computing services with open-source based enterprise grade cloud offerings. OpenNebulaPro is the supported and certified enterprise-grade distribution of the widely […]

OpenNebulaPro Subscriptions at a Highly Competitive Cost

C12G Labs has just announced a new highly competitive pricing plan for OpenNebulaPro Support Subscriptions. Support subscriptions are now offered per managed server, per zone or per data center site at a lower cost with progressive discounts for larger infrastructures and multiple zones. C12G additionally applies pricing discounts for multi-year terms and for Education, Government and Non-Profit […]

Image Creation and Contextualization Guide

C12G has created an Image Contextualization Guide to give guidance on how to create and configure a VM Image to work in the OpenNebula environment. The new guide proposes techniques to create a VM Image from scratch and to prepare existing images to run with OpenNebula. This article is part of the new Knowledge Base that is […]

C12G Announces New Professional Services

C12G Labs announced today new professional services offerings, which will enable customers and partners to take full advantage and maximize the value of OpenNebula industry-leading cloud management capabilities. C12G provides proven best practices and guidance from experts to design, deploy and operate the best cloud architecture for existing workload, processes and IT infrastructure environment. The […]

OpenNebula Scalability Guide

C12G has created a Scalability Guide to give guidance on how to install and tune OpenNebula for optimal and scalable performance in your environment. The software comes with several modifiable parameters that can to be adapted to the specific needs of your infrastructure and workload. This article is part of the new Knowledge Base that is […]

C12G Announces Enterprise-Class Distribution of OpenNebula 2.2

C12G Labs announced today a major new release of OpenNebulaPro, the enterprise-class edition of the OpenNebula Toolkit. This is the third major release of the commercially supported, enterprise-ready distribution of the OpenNebula open-source toolkit, which is used by thousands of organizations worldwide. OpenNebulaPro 2.2 offers a comprehensive solution for the management of virtualized data centers to enable […]

Integrating Public Clouds with OpenNebula for Cloudbursting

C12G has created an introductory article to describe how to integrate public clouds with OpenNebula for Cloudbursting. The white paper describes the integration of public clouds with private cloud instances running OpenNebula. A general provisioning scenario that combines local and external cloud resources is first described. Afterwards the architecture of OpenNebula and the main components involved in a […]

Extending the Monitoring System

C12G has created a new article to describe how to extend the OpenNebula monitoring system. OpenNebula needs to monitor the physical resources known to the system in order to extract information that in turn is used by the scheduler to enforce (and comply with) placement policies, keeping the host capacity from being overbooked. The Monitoring System in OpenNebula follows […]

C12G Labs Delivers New Version of Addons for OpenNebula 2.2

After the release of OpenNebula 2.2 (Cat’s Eye), C12G Labs is pleased to announce that a new stable version of the OpenNebula Addons has been contributed to the OpenNebula Project. The major objective with this release is to provide compatiblity between the Addons and the new OpenNebula 2.2. The contributed components are: VMware Driver that […]