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Cfengine and C12G Labs Announce Partnership for the Automatic Creation and Management of Private and Hybrid Clouds

OSLO, Norway, March 10, 2011 — Cfengine, the technology leader in datacenter automation, and C12G Labs, the leader in private cloud computing management, announced today the availability of integration between Cfengine Nova and OpenNebulaPro for the automatic creation and management of virtualized data centerand cloud environments. The connection between both state-of-the-art technologies allows companies to […]

The Value of OpenNebulaPro for your Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure

In C12G Labs, we have prepared this article to describe our subscription model for OpenNebulaPro and its value for the effective management of your cloud or data center infrastructure.  OpenNebulaPro does not only implements the most common cloud interfaces, it additionally provides state-of-the-art unique features for cloud management and a comprehensive management framework for virtual data centers. […]

C12G Announces New Partner Program

C12G Labs has just launched a new partner program aimed at developing solid alliances with business partners that understand Cloud technology and its applications. C12G Labs provides their partners with a customizable, flexible cloud management technology and the professional services to create innovative Cloud offerings and accelerate their delivery. The objectives of C12G’s Partner Program […]

C12G Launches New HPCcloud.com Support Service

C12G Labs announced today the creation of specialized support services to customers and partners in specific application domains, such as the High Performance Computing, Hosting and Telecom industries. HPCcloud.com is the first of these new support service programs targeted to specific business or industry domains that has been created to give expert advice on OpenNebula to organizations using computer clusters to […]

C12G Publishes Use Cases on Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing

C12G Labs has published four use cases describing how OpenNebula can be used to build private and hybrid clouds in different domains: On-demand Scaling of Computing Clusters about transforming a rigid physical computing cluster into a flexible and elastic private cloud to execute virtualized execution environments. Scaling out Computing Clusters to EC2 about scaling out […]

C12G Labs Announces Enterprise-class Distribution of OpenNebula 2.0

C12G Labs announced today a major new release of OpenNebulaPro, the enterprise-ready edition of the OpenNebula Toolkit. OpenNebula 2.0 is the most flexible and innovative enterprise-class cloud computing tool for managing a data center’s virtual infrastructure. This fully open-source toolkit includes production-ready features for integration, management, scalability, security and accounting that many enterprise IT shops need […]

Using qcow Images with OpenNebula

C12G has created a new howto to explain the way to use OpenNebula with qcow images. Using them has the benefit of occupying less space, faster cloning time and solving problems related with sparse images. It is also a nice example on how OpenNebula behavior can be changed to suit the system administrator or infrastructure needs, in these […]

White Paper about OpenNebula APIs

OpenNebula has been designed to be easily adapted to any infrastructure and easily extended with new components.  The result is a modular system that can implement a variety of Cloud architectures and can interface with multiple datacenter services. In the new white paper OpenNebula APIs, C12G reviews the main interfaces of OpenNebula, their use and […]

C12G Launches the OpenNebula.pro Support Portal

C12G Labs has just announced the launch of the new OpenNebula.pro Support Portal, which centralizes all support resources for OpenNebulaPro, the commercially supported distribution of the OpenNebula toolkit. The OpenNebula.pro support portal provides the professional support services and tools to integrate, build, certificate and manage enterprise-ready cloud infrastructures and solutions. OpenNebula is a fully open-source […]

C12G Announces Free Evaluation – Low-cost Entry Programs

C12G Labs has just announced new Support Services Programs to entry into private cloud computing for organizations that want, firstly, to evaluate the suitability and performance of OpenNebula Enterprise Edition in their environments and, secondly, to have a production-ready cloud up and running quickly and with a minimal upfront investment. More details at C12G’s Blog. C12G […]