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OpenNebula 5.0 Call for Translations

Dear community, As OpenNebula 5.0 comes closer, we would like to launch a call for translations of our web-based user interface: Sunstone. It is very easy: the existing translations can be updated and new translations submitted through our project site at Transifex https://www.transifex.com/opennebula Translations reaching a good level of completion will be included in the […]

4.14 Features: Disk Snapshotting

OpenNebula 4.14 is out, and it comes with lots of big and small improvements. In this post we want to showcase a brand new feature you may have missed from the release notes: disk snapshotting capabilities. Now VM disks can be reverted to a previous state at any given time, and they are preserved in the […]

4.12 Features: Show Me The Money!

In 4.12 we have introduced showback features. This toolset generates cost reports that can be integrated with chargeback and billing platforms. Now each VM Template can optionally define a cost, in undefined units. The cost is defined as cost per cpu per hour, and cost per memory MB per hour. There is also a default cost that can be applied to […]

New OpenNebula Community Forum

Good news everyone! Starting today, the brand new community forum is open! After an ongoing problem with the current mailing lists hosting, we decided to replace them with a Discourse forum. The new forum will help us to have more dynamic conversations, and provide a much better place for newcomers to find answers in previous threads. […]

4.12 Features: Virtual Data Center Redesign

In this post I’ll share with you one of the new 4.12 features we are working on: Virtual Data Centers. Well, it’s not entirely new, because OpenNebula already had VDCs, but we have redesigned them to be more powerful. Let’s start refreshing what Clusters and VDCs are: Cluster: Group of physical resources (Hosts, Virtual Networks and […]

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Videos from OpenNebulaConf 2014

Last week we celebrated the OpenNebulaConf 2014, an event where the community comes together to share their experiences and new ideas around OpenNebula. If you were there, go ahead and take a look at the photos in the conference page to check if we caught a flattering pic of you. The OpenNebulaConf 2014 was a great event, and certainly […]

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Technical Notes from OpenNebulaConf 2014

One of the best things about getting together for the conference is that our community always comes with plenty of new ideas and useful feedback to shape the project’s roadmap. This year’s OpenNebulaConf was full of interesting talks with lots of thoughtful feedback, but we also had many productive discussions in the hacking session, the coffee breaks, […]

OpenNebula 4.8: The Cloud View Gets OneFlow Services

OpenNebula has had the OneFlow component for quite some time. For 4.8, we have made it even easier to use for end users, integrating it with the intuitive Sunstone Cloud View. OneFlow allows users and administrators to define, execute and manage multi-tiered applications, or services composed of interconnected Virtual Machines with deployment dependencies between them. These […]

CloudCatalyst Survey about Cloud Computing Trends

The EU CloudCatalyst initiative invites you to participate in a survey about cloud computing trends. You can influence over the CloudCatalyst project by collaborating on the identification of existing challenges for Cloud expansion as well as on the definition of new market opportunities. The survey will produce detailed information about the main barriers to cloud adoption in […]

EGI Community Forum 2014 Aftermath

Last week was the EGI Community Forum 2014 in Helsinki. The OpenNebula in Science/HPC workshop was full of interesting talks about OpenNebula clouds for HPC. Thanks to all the speakers for sharing their use case and their feedback. One of the most commented areas where OpenNebula is still a bit short in features is accounting. Currently people need […]