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OpenNebula User Group Italia

Il progetto OpenNebula ha annunciato di voler supportare e promuovere la creazione di gruppi utenti locali, con lo scopo di organizzare incontri per la condivisione di esperienze e idee, confrontarsi sui vari aspetti tecnici e su come promuovere attivamente l’utilizzo di OpenNebula nel nostro territorio. Non potendo mancare a quest’appello, stiamo cercando di aggregare persone […]

OpenNebula book released!

I am pleased to announce that the first book on OpenNebula, rumored a few months ago, is finally available! The book has been published by Packt Publishing and is a practical step-by-step guide for newcomers, including: Planning the hardware infrastructure and keeping resources and hardware under monitoring Installing OpenNebula, from sources or binary distribution and configuring […]

OpenNebula shared storage with MooseFS

When running many VMs with persistent images, there is the need to have a shared storage behind OpenNebula hosts, with the purpose of faster recovery in case of host failure. However, SAN are expensive, and an NFS server or NAS can’t provide either performance or fault-tolerance. A distributed fault-tolerant network filesystem takes easily place in […]