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OpenNebula Collaborates with IBM Softlayer in Hybrid Cloud Computing

OpenNebula features unique functionality for virtualization of the datacenter. Among them, it is worth highlighting its support to build cloud bursting architectures where private cloud resources can be easily supplemented with resources from a remote public cloud to meet fluctuating demands. The reason behind this uniqueness is the transparency to use and maintain the cloud […]

Eucalyptus and OpenNebula: Pioneers in Private Cloud Technology

The IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing Journal is publishing a paper entitled “A Scientometric Analysis of Cloud Computing Literature” that presents an analysis of publication patterns, research impact and research productivity in the field of Cloud Computing. The following 2009 articles, which presented the original internal design and architecture of the Eucalyptus and OpenNebula cloud management platforms, “Nurmi D., […]

About How OpenNebula is Enabling Business in the Cloud

This week we gave an invited talk in the open-source cloud session at Future Internet Assembly 2014. Its aim was to show how OpenNebula is driving innovation in cloud computing, impacting the adoption of private cloud, and enabling business in the cloud. OpenNebula – Enabling Business in Cloud – FIA 2014 from OpenNebula Project We […]

Balance between User Base and Community in OpenStack and OpenNebula

In our last post “OpenNebula vs. OpenStack: User Needs vs. Vendor Driven” we stated that “OpenStack penetration in the market is relatively small compared with the investment made by vendors and VCs”. We have received several emails from people asking for the numbers that support this statement. This conclusion arises from the comparison between OpenNebula and […]

A New Cloud Provisioning Model: vDCs as a Service

Three years ago, driven by the needs of some of our larger users, we incorporated support for Virtual Data Centers (vDCs) and multiple Zones into OpenNebula 3.0. Since that time, this innovative vDC functionality has helped many IT organizations to make the transition towards the next generation of cloud infrastructures supporting on-demand provisioning of multiple […]

OpenNebula vs. OpenStack: User Needs vs. Vendor Driven

We’ve crafted this post to answer a recurring question we’ve been hearing lately, specially from organizations planning to build their own private cloud: How do you compare OpenNebula with OpenStack?… This is indeed a complex question. There is no single answer because open-source projects and technologies present several dimensions. But we are far from afraid […]

OpenNebula TechDays – Call for Hosts

Besides our annual OpenNebula Conference, we are planning to organize Technology Day events in multiple cities globally. The OpenNebula TechDays are full day events to learn about OpenNebula with a hands-on cloud installation and operation workshop, and presentations from community members and users that will focus on: Sharing cloud use cases and deployment experiences Introducing […]

OpenNebula 2013: Year in Review

It’s been an amazing year in cloud computing in general and in OpenNebula in particular. We are excited to keep the momentum going. The number of downloads, users, and contributors has continued doubling each year and we have been able to offer more than we ever thought possible. Moreover, 2013 was a landmark year for our project with […]

OpenNebula Celebrates its 6 Year Anniversary!

Time flies, and we are once again celebrating our anniversary. Let me take advantage of this opportunity to describe the progress of the project during the last 6 years by using the slides of the opening talk “Unleashing the Future of Open-source Enterprise Cloud Computing” in the first OpenNebula Conference held in Berlin one month ago. Our […]

New Code Contribution Processes for OpenNebula

OpenNebula is an awesome cloud manager because of  great contributions made to it by community members like you. This is the reason why one of the most important discussions in the Open Session of our first OpenNebulaConf in Berlin was focused on bringing more visibility to the different ways you can help with in the development of OpenNebula. […]