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OpenNebula and Foreman integration

Our team is in the process of rearchitecting the test and develop infrastructure and we needed a way to easily install new OSs. This installation will be done in both physical nodes and Virtual Machines. To do this we selected The Foreman as the installation server. For physical nodes we use the standard foreman workflow […]

Start Your New OpenNebula User Group!

The OpenNebula Project is happy to announce the support for the creation and operation of OpenNebula User Groups. An OpenNebula User Group is a gathering of our users in a local area to share best practices, discuss technical questions, network, and learn from each other. If you are a passionate OpenNebula user and are interested […]

Command Line Tweaks for OpenNebula 4.0

In the last post we’ve seen the beautiful new face of Sunstone. Even if we are putting lots of effort in the web interface we are also giving some love to the command line interface. Until now the creation of images and templates from the command line consisted on creating a template file and feeding […]

New Contextualization Packages for OpenNebula 3.8

Some weeks ago with the creation of the OpenNebula Marketplace, we released contextualization packages to help prepare VM images. These packages did some work that previously we had to do manually: Disable/delete udev net and cdrom persistent rules. On boot, linux distributions scan for new hardware and discovered network and cdrom are added to a file. This process is […]

Contextualization Packages for VMs

We know that creating new Virtual Appliances can be sometimes cumbersome. To help you creating them a new set of packages were developed so the preparation of these images to work with OpenNebula is a breeze. They are compatible with: Ubuntu >= 11.x Debian Squeeze CentOS 6.x RHEL 6.x These packages will prepare udev rules […]

OpenNebula 1.4.0 released

The OpenNebula team is happy to announce that we have reached a stable state for the new 1.4 series of the OpenNebula Toolkit. During these months we have been working on new features that we hope will be helpful to manage your infrastructure. Downloads are available as source code as previous version but we also […]