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Announcing the OpenNebula Champion Program

We would like to officially announce the OpenNebula Champion program. If you attended our last Conference, you’re probably aware that for the past couple of months, we’ve been designing a program for our community members who are interested in becoming Champions for OpenNebula around the world. Champions are passionate volunteers who work to connect, teach […]

We Have Redesigned the Public MarketPlace!

The new MarketPlace is in the same place, and looks almost the same, but it’s now easier to use than ever! You can still see your favourite appliances from within Sunstone: But the good news is that the way you can contribute to the MarketPlace has changed drastically, it’s now a much simpler procedure, far more […]

Cloud TechDays 2017 – Call for Hosts

We are opening the Call for Hosts for the OpenNebula TechDays 2017! The OpenNebula Cloud TechDays are day-long educational and networking events to learn about OpenNebula with a hands-on workshop on cloud installation and operation, and presentations from community members and users that focus on: Sharing cloud use cases and deployment experiences Introducing new integrations […]

OpenNebulaConf 2016 Wrap-up

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated OpenNebulaConf 2016, three days packed with interesting talks and great experiences exchange. It was a great success thanks to the support and participation of all of our community members, speakers, sponsors and friends. If you missed the conference, now you have a chance to watch the talks in our YouTube channel, download […]

vOneCloud 2.0.1 released!

We want to let you know that OpenNebula Systems has just announced the availability of vOneCloud version 2.0.1. vOneCloud 2.0.1 is based in OpenNebula 5.0.2 and as such it includes all the bug fixes and functionalities introduced in 5.0.2: OpenNebula 5.0.2 Release Notes. The following issues are noteworthy: New functionality Resize capabilities for VR context Modify cardinality of VR […]

Docker-Machine OpenNebula Plugin

Ever since the last post about Docker Machine things have evolved quite a bit, and we would like to keep you up to date! Docker-Machine has changed its plugin architecture, and we have since then adapted to this new architecture and registered the OpenNebula plugin. It’s very easy to install OpenNebula support for Docker Machine. […]

Docker-Machine and OpenNebula

Here at OpenNebula we value Docker a lot, and we believe it’s a wonderful tool for developers, so we want to provide OpenNebula users with the best possible experience when using Docker within OpenNebula. We have a long Docker-related roadmap ahead of us yet, but we are very satisfied with our first PoC. We have […]

Agenda CentOS Dojo Barcelona 2015

We are happy to announce a final agenda for the CentOS Dojo Barcelona 2015. We have an exciting list of speakers we’re sure you won’t want to miss! 13:45-14:30 Fabian Arrotin – SELinux policies with your cfgmgmt solution 14:30-15:15 Jorge Morales – Repeatable Processes for Building Secure Containers 15:15-16:00 Daniel Lobato – Automate IT services […]

CentOS Dojo 2015 Barcelona co-located with OpenNebulaConf2015

We are happy to announce that OpenNebula is sponsoring the CentOS Dojo Barcelona 2015, co-located with OpenNebulaConf. The event will take place from 13:30 to 18:30, Tuesday October 20th, in the Hotel Barceló Sants, in Barcelona, Spain. Read more information about the event at https://wiki.centos.org/Events/Dojo/Barcelona2015 (we are still working on the Agenda) Subscribe in the Eventbrite page […]