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Integrating SUSE Studio with OpenNebula

C12G Labs has just released a new guide on integrating SUSE Studio with OpenNebula. This guide addresses how to create or adapt any SUSE Studio appliance by simply adding a 20-line script to the appliance, which will integrate the appliance’s network with OpenNebula and will handle the contextualization process. It also illustrates further integration steps […]

OpenNebula Sunstone Screenshots

In a few days OpenNebula 2.2 will be released, and along with it our brand new Cloud Operations Center: OpenNebula Sunstone, a GUI intended for users & admins. Here are some screenshots (click to see a larger version): Login screen Dashboard VM Management Host Management Enjoy them and stay tuned for further updates!

OpenNebula packages available in openSUSE

We are happy to announce that an OpenNebula project has been created in the openSUSE Build Service. We would like to thank Robert Schweikert, Peter Linnell and Greg Freemyer for their efforts and for taking the time to answer our questions in their mailing list. If you have the time to test it or want […]

OpenNebula 2.0.1 now available in Ubuntu

We are happy to announce that OpenNebula 2.0.1 will be included in the upcoming release of Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)! In fact, if you are using the Natty repositories, the OpenNebula 2.0.1 packages are already available there. Although OpenNebula 1.2 has been available in Ubuntu since Jaunty, it hasn’t been updated to newer versions. The […]

OpenNebula package in Debian

Here at OpenNebula we’re really happy with the efforts of our community contributor Damien Raude-Morvan, who is responsible for the new ‘opennebula’ package in the Debian Sid release. This package features the recent OpenNebula 2.0.1 plus some cool features contributed by Damien: OpenNebula Java API package. A modified oned.conf to work out of the box […]