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OpenNebulaConf 2019 – Call for Presentations!

Speak at OpenNebulaConf 2019 in Barcelona, Spain! It’s great to attend the OpenNebulaConf, yet being a speaker – even moreso! Come share your insights and experiences with the user community. Whether you are a seasoned speaker or a first-timer, it’s of little consequence. This is a great opportunity to connect with your peers, and to […]

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Maintenance release v.5.8.1 is available!

OpenNebula Edge – Maintenance release v.5.8.1 is now available! There’s plenty to be excited about with 5.8 Edge – and now we have released a maintenance release v.5.8.1, with bug fixes and a set of new minor features, which include: Add timepicker in relative scheduled actions Check vCenter cluster health in monitoring Implemented nested filters AND […]

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vOneCloud 3.4 – Released!

OpenNebula Systems has just announced the availability of vOneCloud version 3.4. vOneCloud 3.4 is powered by OpenNebula 5.8 “Edge”, and, as such, includes functionalities present in Edge relevant to vOneCloud: Change boot order of VM devices updating the VM Template. More info here. VM migration between clusters and datastores is now supported, check here. Migrate images from […]

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OpenNebula Newsletter – March 2019

Our newsletter contains the highlights of the OpenNebula project and its Community throughout the month. Technology In the month of March we have maintained a sharp focus on activities surrounding last month’s release of v.5.8 Edge. We have been working on bug fixes, and have an upcoming planned release of v.5.8.1 scheduled for early April. […]

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Switching from CLA to a DCO for Source Code Contributions

Since we founded the OpenNebula open-source project more than 10 years ago, we have been following the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) mechanism for software contributions that include new functionality and intellectual contributions to the software. Although CLA has been the industry standard for open source contributions to other projects, it’s largely unpopular with developers. In […]

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Joint Solution Brief: OpenNebula – VMware

OpenNebula Cloud Management on VMware vCenter Companies’ data centers continue to grow, handling new and larger workloads, and ultimately making virtual infrastructure and cloud computing a “no-brainer”.  For those companies that have invested in VMware platform solutions, it shouldn’t be news that OpenNebula provides a comprehensive and affordable solution for managing one’s VMware infrastructure and […]

2018 OpenNebula Survey Results

Executive Summary We’d like to thank all of you who shared your perspective on OpenNebula as part of our 2018 Architecture Survey. This is the fourth architectural survey of OpenNebula since 2012, and the results were collected during the period of December 4, 2018 through January 11, 2019. Your participation here is fundamental to our […]

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OpenNebula Newsletter – February 2019

Our newsletter contains the highlights of the OpenNebula project and its Community throughout the month. Technology Yeah, February is a short month,…but it was jam-packed with activity.  This month we kept our collective “nose to the grindstone”, and released OpenNebula v.5.8 “Edge”!  Through months of focused development and several weeks of beta testing and bug […]

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Get your hands on v.5.8 “Edge”!

v.5.8 “Edge” is ready! OpenNebula 5.8 “Edge” is the fifth major release of the OpenNebula 5 series. As you will have seen in recent communications around the “beta” releases, we have focused on introducing enhanced features on the solid base of 5.6 Blue Flash, while highlighting several Edge-focused features to bring the processing power of […]

OpenNebula and Packet – an Alliance at the Edge

Packet has announced its Edge Alliance Program, in which OpenNebula is one of the Initial Program participants.  This collaboration has been picking up steam over the past year, as focus is taking shape on Edge computing, and both platforms see a natural synergy to provide innovative solutions.  OpenNebula is just minutes away from its new […]