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Sneak Peek of OpenNebula 3.4

As we are quickly approaching the Easter holidays, the next release of OpenNebula (3.4 codename Wild Duck) is getting in shape. This new release is focused on extending the storage capabilities of OpenNebula. Wild Duck will include support for multiple Datastores, overcoming the single Image Repository limitations in previous versions. A Datastore is any storage medium (typically SAN/NAS servers) used to store […]

First “pre-release” of OpenNebula 3.4

February 21st, 2011. The OpenNebula project announces the general availability of the first pre-release of OpenNebula 3.4. This pre-release solves minor issues in several OpenNebula components and includes some new features, specially in Sunstone and in the cloud servers (EC2 and OCCI). More deatils about OpenNebula 3.4 (pre-release 1) can be read in the release notes. The […]

Maintenance Release of OpenNebula 3.2.1

January 30th, 2012. After 2 weeks from OpenNebula 3.2 release, the OpenNebula project announces the general availability of OpenNebula 3.2.1. This is a maintenance release that collects all the great feedback received since 3.2 release. This release only includes bug fixes (check here for a list of issues solved) and is a recommended update for […]

OpenNebula 3.2 Red Spider is out!

January 17th, 2012. The OpenNebula project is happy to announce the availability of the stable release of OpenNebula 3.2. This release of OpenNebula features important improvements in security, networking and user management. It also fully integrates C12G addons, previously only available for OpenNebulaPro customers. As main new features, OpenNebula 3.2 incorporates an easily-customizable self-service portal […]

OpenNebula 3.2 RC 1 (3.1.90) out!

Two days before Christmas the OpenNebula team was able to get all the green lights in the Christmas tree as well as in the Jenkins console. A good number of bug fixes has been packed with the OpenNebula 3.2 Release Candidate (RC). This release does not include any new features, but the team (the unlucky […]

OpenNebula 3.2 Beta released!

The OpenNebula project announces the general availability of the first beta release of OpenNebula 3.2. This is the second release of the OpenNebula’s new development cycle. With this release we start the process of integrating C12G addons-contributions into OpenNebula main distribution, hence the VMware drivers are not fully functional on this beta. Clouds using VMware hypervisor […]

OpenNebula 3.2, pre-release 1!

November 18th, 2011. Today we announce the general availability of the first pre-release of OpenNebula 3.2. With this release we make our debut with a new development cycle that aims at rapidly delivering new features to the community and faster react to their needs and feedback. The pre-release series are not suitable for production environments […]

New OpenNebula Release Process

Following the last release of OpenNebula 3.0, the OpenNebula project is moving to a rapid release development cycle. Our goal is to faster deliver new features and innovations to the community as well as better incorporate requirements of our users and feedback from the community. With this change OpenNebula releases will react faster to fulfill […]

OpenNebula 3.0 (Codename Iris) Released!

OpenNebula 3.0 features the latest innovations in cloud computing for the deployment of cutting-edge enterprise-ready on-premise IaaS clouds. The OpenNebula Project is proud to announce the third major release of its widely deployed OpenNebula Toolkit, a fully open-source enterprise-grade cloud computing tool for the complete and comprehensive management of clouds and virtualized data centers. OpenNebula […]

OpenNebula 3.0 Release Candidate 1

23rd September 2011. The OpenNebula project announces the availability of OpenNebula 3.0 RC1(2.9.90), the first release candidate of OpenNebula 3 toolkit. This release is consider feature complete and will be further stabilized with fixes for important and critical bugs, the team continues in its bug fixing mode. As noted early, this release cycle is being […]