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New website for OpenNebula.org … and much more!

The OpenNebula team is happy to announce  a new website for OpenNebula. This is not only a new look for opennebula.org but a whole new site for the community, a new place to share resources, contribute developments and discuss about components and solutions around OpenNebula. Relevant new places in opennebula.org: Community, a whole new space […]

OpenNebula 1.4 Beta 2, Released!

The OpenNebula team is happy to announce the second beta release of OpenNebula 1.4. This Beta 2 is aimed at testers, community members and cloud enthusiasts in order to identify bugs and regressions, so that 1.4 can fully replace OpenNebula 1.2 deployments. After nearly three months has passed since the feature freeze for OpenNebula 1.4, […]

OpenNebula 1.4 Beta 1 codename Hourglass out for testing!

The OpenNebula team is proud to announce the availability of OpenNebula 1.4 Beta1 Hourglass (1.3.80), this is the first preview of next stable release of the OpenNebula Virtual Infrastructure Manager. OpenNebula focuses on incorporating bleeding edge technologies and innovations in many areas of virtual infrastructure management and Cloud Computing. OpenNebula 1.4 aims to be the […]

When 8 are 26 (or even more…)

Nowadays it is difficult to find a place where virtualization benefits are not praised. One of my favorite ones is consolidation, that has finish with the “one application one server” paradigm. However, when you start placing your services on different hosts, you will find quickly that the new model does not scale per se. Soon […]

The Private Clouds

Last month I’ve been invited to give a couple of talks about Cloud computing in the wonderful C3RS (Cisco Cloud Computing Research Symposium) and in a Spanish e-science meeting. (The slides are available online, if you want to check). Although the audiences were quite heterogeneous, there is a recurrent question among the participants of these […]

Open Source Grid & Cluster Conference

This week we (Javier Fontan and me) are attending the Open Source Grid Conference. The conference overall is being great, and I feel that in general the audience is more active than that of a more paper oriented type of meeting. We have had the opportunity to talk to some GridWay users and discuss with […]