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OpenNebula 5.8 Scalability Testing

One of OpenNebula’s main features is its low resource footprint. This allows OpenNebula clouds to grow massive without a big impact on demanded hardware. There is a continuous effort from the team behind OpenNebula’s development related to efficiency and performance, and several improvements in this area have been included in the latest release, OpenNebula 5.8 “Edge”. […]


LXDoNe – Lightweight Virtualization for OpenNebula

Operating system (OS) level virtualization is a technology that has recently emerged into the cloud services paradigm. It has the advantage of providing better performance, elasticity and scalability than para-virtualization or full virtualization. This happens because HVM hypervisors need to emulate hardware and use a new kernel for each virtual machine that will be deployed. […]

LXC Containers for OpenNebula

Operating-system-level virtualization, a new technology that has recently emerged and is being accepted into cloud infrastructures, has the advantage of providing better performance and scalability than other virtualization technologies such as Hardware-Assisted Virtual Machine (HVM). LinuX Containers (LXC) allow the usage of this technology by creating containers that resemble complete isolated Linux virtual machines on […]