vOneCloud 3.0.2 released!

We want to let you know that OpenNebula Systems has just announced the availability of vOneCloud version 3.0.2.

vOneCloud 3.0.2 is based in OpenNebula 5.4.1 and as such it includes all the bug fixes and functionalities introduced in 5.4.1: OpenNebula 5.4.1 Release Notes.

vOneCloud 3.0.2 is a maintenance release with the following added functionality:

  • Scroll Bar in Sunstone VM Log.
  • Add boolean to option list for User Inputs in VM template.
  • Additional confirmation level for critical actions and VMs.
  • Add volatile disk should allow user to specify size in MB as well as GB.
  • Wild VMs should import NICs and Disks.
  • Ease DS selection on VM Template update and instantiation.
  • Add SCHEDULED ACTIONS to VM Templates.

Also, this version comes with numerous bugfixes:

  • Improve consistency of networks created when importing templates and wilds.
  • OpenNebula flow should only work on leader.
  • VM with ipv6 Error in ip6tables chain.
  • detach disks are not being delete if vm is running.
  • detach disk is not being properly applied.
  • After a successful datastore monitoring UNKNOWN VMs change to RUNNING.
  • Wrong message when doing a disk save as.
  • Wrong error msg when disk saveas without name.
  • Support spaces in VMDK names and dirnames.
  • vCenter VM NICs pointing to the same network are not correctly identified.
  • Skip vCenter VApps when importing templates as they are not supported.
  • GPRAPHICS PORT is not cleared after freeing it in the cluster vnc port pool.
  • Wrong import of vCenter VM Templates with NICs in Distributed vSwitches or Distributed Ports.
  • Registering image with complex URL in PATH fails.
  • Empty list of Zombie VMs.
  • VMs wrongly reported as ZOMBIES.
  • OpenNebula does not take into account VM NIC MAC value
  • A myiriad of Sunstone bugfixes and small revamps.

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New Maintenance Release 5.4.1

The OpenNebula team is mighty pleased to announce the availability of OpenNebula 5.4.1, a new maintenance release of the 5.4.x series.This version fixes some problems -specially relevant are those fixed for the vCenter integration- found since 5.4.0 and adds some functionality.

New functionality for 5.4.1 has been introduced:

The following issues has been solved in 5.4.1:

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OpenNebulaConf 2017 EU – Early Bird Reg Coming Up!

Here’s your friendly reminder that next Wednesday, September 20, is the deadline to purchase passes for the OpenNebulaConf 2017 EU in Madrid at the early bird price, which saves you 20% off full price passes.

Register NOW before the prices increase!. Please consider, space is limited, register asap.

Hope to see you all in Madrid at OpenNebulaConf!

OpenNebula TechDay NL agenda

We are happy to announce the agenda for the OpenNebula TechDay NL, on September 19th 2017.

As usual, the day will start with a four hour hands-on session on OpenNebula. Attendees will learn to install, deploy, configure, manage and operate an OpenNebula cloud. We will build it from scrath by adding virtual networks, disk images, virtual machine templates, users, groups, acls and multi-vm services. We will deploy Virtual Machines, live-migrate them and cover many aspects and functionalities of OpenNebula.

After this tutorial and a tasty lunch courtesy of BIT.nl, there will be four presentations:

  • OpenNebula out in the Open by Ander Astudillo from SURFsara
  • OpenNebula at the VU by Roland den Hollander from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Ceph as OpenNebula data storage solution by Stefan Kooman from BIT.nl
  • New features in OpenNebula in 5.4 by Jaime Melis from OpenNebula Systems

More informationRegister here

See you soon!

vOneCloud/OpenNebula at VMworld 2017 EU in Barcelona


Next 11-14 September VMworld 2017 EU will be held in Barcelona. This is a must attend event where almost everyone with an interest in virtualization and cloud computing will be networking with industry experts.

The OpenNebula team will be present in the VMworld with a booth dedicated to showcase the new vOneCloud 3.0, which incorporates OpenNebula 5.4, the open source replacement for VMware vRealize. There will be a focus on new features like enhanced network and storage management, support for linked clones, disk resizing, save-as template functionality for VMware VMs, disk save-as functionality, automatic storage scheduling, storage quotas and many more.

If you are planning to attend VMworld next week, make sure you register and do not forget to come around our booth, E430. You will be able to see in a live demo how a VMware based infrastructure can be turned into a cloud with a slick, fully functional self-service portal to deliver a VM catalog to your end users, in 5 minutes!.

Upcoming OpenNebula Techday Ede, NL

The OpenNebula TechDay Ede NL 2017 will take place in two weeks. It will be held at the BIT.nl headquartes in Ede, Netherlands, on the 19th of September. BIT is an internet service provider and datacenter in The Netherlands. BIT offers internet access, email, hosting and colocating services for governments, organisations and businesses.

The event will start with a 4h hands-on workshop. This hands-on tutorial will give an overview of how OpenNebula is used to build and operate private clouds. The attendees will build, configure and operate their own OpenNebula cloud.

If you want to learn how to turn your virtualization based infrastructure into a full-fledged public or private cloud with all the benefits, you are very welcome to join us.

This event is targeted at cloud architects, data center admins, systems admins, systems integrators, DevOps architects, and solutions architect.

We still have speaker slots available, if you are interested, please send us an email.

OpenNebula Newsletter – August 2017

The OpenNebula monthly newsletter featuring highlights of the OpenNebula project. Learn about the latest developments, community and outreach of your favourite cloud manager.

Members of the OpenNebula team will be present in both editions of the VMworld 2017. Also, check the keynote speakers for the OpenNebulaConf EU 2017, in Madrid this October, including BlackBerry, Trivago, Runtastic and the Ministry of the Flemish community.


With OpenNebula Medusa 5.4 published this past July, the team is focusing now on the next maintenance release, 5.4.1, as well as preparing the roadmap for the next major release, OpenNebula 5.6. This is the perfect time to contribute your ideas to improve OpenNebula, this page from the project’s website lays out all the needed info (TL;DR create a request in the development portal).

If you were wondering how to add patches to them or build non stable versions this is your lucky month, since the team just published the package build repository, so everyone can build their own OpenNebula packages.

This month of August was also good news for vOneCloud users, with the release of vOneCloud 3.0.0 (and subsequent 3.0.1), which brings all the innovation introduced in OpenNebula 5.4. You can check the details in the release notes, the following are highlights of the new functionality in vOneCloud 3.0.0:

  • Enhanced storage management, vOneCloud is fully aware of all VMs disks. Non-persistent images and volatiles disks are now supported.
  • Storage quotas and datastore capacity check, never run out of capacity correctly dimensioning the available datastores and the storage quotas given to end users
  • Linked clone support, add support for linked clones for VMs at the time of importing a VM Template
  • Disk resize capabilities, resize the capacity of a VM disk at boot time or when the VM is in poweroff
  • Network creation support, a new vCenter network model is available in virtual network definition, standard and different port groups and vSwitches can be created from within OpenNebula. VLAN IDs, MTUs and number of ports can be specified when a port group is created.
  • Full storage and networking support in imported VM Templates, images and networks representing disks and network interfaces are created for VM templates and folder placement features.


The team put a lot of effort in Medusa, and we want to thank you for the marvellous feedback received in the community forum, as well as the support given by the community to newcomers and people willing to upgrade their OpenNebula infrastructures.

It is also very welcome how people are keeping up to date with the latest releases. We hope you enjoying using OpenNebula as much as we enjoy developing it!

Integrations such as this one from UDS Enterprise gives indeed more flexibility to OpenNebula, with the ability to manage a VDI environment in an OpenNebula based infrastructure.

Release 5.2-4.1 of the LXDoNe OpenNebula addon has been released. LXDoNe add LXD management capabilities to OpenNebula, bringing container management to the cloud!


The OpenNebulaConf EU will take place in Madrid, Spain, this October. The conference will be packed with very interesting talks about the real world uses of OpenNebula, check the agenda for more details, keynotes feature BlackBerry, Trivago, Runtastic and the Ministry of the Flemish community. Also, make sure you register if you’ll be on the area! The conference is a great place to learn about OpenNebula and cloud computing in general, don’t take our word for granted and watch the talks in the YouTube playlist, download the slides or take a look to the pictures of the first US edition of the OpenNebulaConf that happened in Boston this past June.

The next OpenNebula TechDay will happen in Vancouver after the summer break, the 1st of September, hosted by Best Buy Canada. The event is almost full, so if you are in the area make sure you register a soon as possible, or risk missing the opportunity!

The OpenNebula team is going to feature a booth in both VMworlds this upcoming months. If you are going to attend, do not forget to come by the OpenNebula booth to see a live demo of the latest stable version (Medusa) of your favourite CMP and of vOneCloud (3.0.1):

  • VMworld 2017 US, August 27-31, Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center. Booth 1121.
  • VMworld 2017 Europe, September 11-14, Barcelona, Fira Gran Via. Booth E430.

Also, check out the list of official training from OpenNebula Systems for this year. If you are new to OpenNebula, or want to improve you knowledge with an in-depth OpenNebula admin course, those are the dates and locations you need to keep in mind.

Remember that you can see slides and resources from past events in our Events page. We have also created a Slideshare account where you can see the slides from some of our recent presentations.

The Package Build Repository is Now Public

Alongside the release of OpenNebula 5.4 we have made the repository with package scripts and specs public.


It comes with documentation on how you can create your own packages in case you want to add patches to them or build non stable versions. This is the repository used to generate official packages so feel free to send pull requests in case you find problems.


vOneCloud 3.0 Released – Full Storage and Network Support

OpenNebula Systems has just announced the availability of vOneCloud version 3.0. This is the first vOneCloud release that offers full storage and network management capabilities.

vOneCloud 3.0 is powered by OpenNebula 5.4.0 ‘Medusa’, and, as such, it includes functionality present in Medusa relevant to vOneCloud:

  • Enhanced storage management, vOneCloud is fully aware of all VMs disks. Non-persistent images and volatiles disks are now supported.
  • Storage quotas and datastore capacity check, never run out of capacity correctly dimensioning the available datastores and the storage quotas given to end users
  • Balance storage load of VMs across datastores automatically without the need of Storage DRS
  • Linked clone support, add support for linked clones for VMs at the time of importing a VM Template
  • Disk resize capabilitiesresize the capacity of a VM disk at boot time or when the VM is in poweroff
  • Save disk functionalityregister any VM disk as an image for later use in VMs, either directly from a VM Template or through the disk attach operation
  • Save as Template functionalitysave any VM as a VM Template at any point during its lifecycle
  • Folder management, define in which vCenter folder you want your VMs into, on a VM to VM basis.
  • Network creation support, a new vCenter network model is available in virtual network definition, standard and different port groups and vSwitches can be created from within OpenNebula. VLAN IDs, MTUs and number of ports can be specified when a port group is created.
  • Full storage and networking support in imported VM Templates, images and networks representing disks and network interfaces are created for VM templates and folder placement features.
  • Improved CDROM management, now a new CDROM drive is added to the VM if not present when an ISO image is attached
  • Imported VMs improvements, with the possibility of adding VNC to any imported VM.
  • Removed naming limitations, vCenter cluster and datastore names with spaces are now supported
  • Improved performance, up to two orders of magnitude of speedup in monitoring and import times, as well as less error prone synchronous calls to vCenter
  • Faster VM deployment, with up to 10 VM spinning up simultaneously per cluster
  • User input sorting, to ask information in the correct order to end users (for instance, username before password), and also new types (lists, booleans, etc)
  • Improved naming conventions, to allow importing resources with the same name in different vCenter locations
  • Numerous web interface enchancements, like automatic estimation of VM cost through the Showback mechanism, better VM information display in Cloud View, image upload resume option, improved user and group management dialogs and many more.
  • Better audit trail, now the history records of VMs includes the UID of the user that perfomed the action

Multiple bugfixes and documentation improvements have been included in this version. For instance, deleting SSH keys from cloud view, importing images with correct size, VM contextualization persistance across reboots, disk not removed if detached in poweroff state, context disk not displayed in Sunstone, skip import of resources if no permissions available, and a long list of other bugfixes and enhancements that can be consulted in the development portal.

OpenNebula Systems will run a booth at VMworld 2017 US in Las Vegas on August 27-31 and at VMworld 2017 EU in Barcelona on September 11-14 where they will demo the new version.

Upgrade to 3.0 from previous versions cannot be performed automatically. If you hold an active support subscription, please contact OpenNebula Systems to schedule a vOneCloud upgrade.

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TechDay Vancouver, 1 September 2017, hosted by Best Buy

This year our friends at BestBuy Canada have organized a TechDay in Vancouver. As usual there will be a 4-hour OpenNebula tutorial and in the evening we will learn about the new release and whatever question you may have. Hurry up and join us!