C12G has just announced the creation of the OpenNebula Jumstart Packages. These packages are designed to help new customers springboard their productivity, speed time to deployment, and reduce business and technical risks through professional assistance with initial set-up, configuration, support and knowledge transfer.

C12G offers three different packages where experienced C12G Engineers help you start building and operating your OpenNebula Cloud:

  • The Evaluation Support Program is a 30-day, no-cost, and no-commitment trial of OpenNebula.pro with the services to assess its suitability and performance in your environment
  • The Entry-level Support Program is a low-cost starter pack. It comprises one-year Support Subscription to OpenNebula.pro and 4 hours of remote Consulting Services
  • The Bootstrap Program is a fast route to have an OpenNebula cloud on your premises and to ensure that your IT staff are well equipped to operate the cloud. It comprises five days of on-site Professional Services and a one-year Support Subscription to OpenNebula.pro
More information on each specific package can be found in the Jumpstart page, or you can download the Services Program guide.
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