C12G Announces New Partner Program

C12G Labs has just launched a new partner program aimed at developing solid alliances with business partners that understand Cloud technology and its applications. C12G Labs provides their partners with a customizable, flexible cloud management technology and the professional services to create innovative Cloud offerings and accelerate their delivery. The objectives of C12G’s Partner Program are to align developments and technologies to meet customer’s needs and to support the design and development of joint cloud solutions, products or services.

More information at the C12G’s blog.

C12G Launches New HPCcloud.com Support Service

C12G Labs announced today the creation of specialized support services to customers and partners in specific application domains, such as the High Performance Computing, Hosting and Telecom industries. HPCcloud.com is the first of these new support service programs targeted to specific business or industry domains that has been created to give expert advice on OpenNebula to organizations using computer clusters to solve advanced computation problems.

C12G Labs Announces Enterprise-class Distribution of OpenNebula 2.0

C12G Labs announced today a major new release of OpenNebulaPro, the enterprise-ready edition of the OpenNebula Toolkit. OpenNebula 2.0 is the most flexible and innovative enterprise-class cloud computing tool for managing a data center’s virtual infrastructure. This fully open-source toolkit includes production-ready features for integration, management, scalability, security and accounting that many enterprise IT shops need for private and hybrid cloud adoption. OpenNebulaPro includes the most recent thoroughly tested and quality-controlled version of OpenNebula and tested software extensions from the community (ecosystem and addons catalogs) for its operation in business environments.

OpenNebulaPro is provided under open-source license to customers and partners on an annual subscription basis through the new OpenNebula.pro Support Portal. The subscription model brings several additional benefits in terms of long term support, production-level support with professional SLAs, integration support for optimal and scalable execution in any hardware and software combination, certification support to validate compatibility with complementary components and customizations, regular updates and upgrades, and additional tools for the administration of OpenNebula cloud instances in production environments.

C12G Launches the OpenNebula.pro Support Portal

C12G Labs has just announced the launch of the new OpenNebula.pro Support Portal, which centralizes all support resources for OpenNebulaPro, the commercially supported distribution of the OpenNebula toolkit. The OpenNebula.pro support portal provides the professional support services and tools to integrate, build, certificate and manage enterprise-ready cloud infrastructures and solutions.
OpenNebula is a fully open-source technology. OpenNebulaPro is a commercially supported distribution of OpenNebula with selected stable and tested software extensions and the patches available for its operation in business environments. OpenNebulaPro represents the best balance of maturity and features selected based on their appropriateness for commercial deployment.

C12G Announces Free Evaluation – Low-cost Entry Programs

C12G Labs has just announced new Support Services Programs to entry into private cloud computing for organizations that want, firstly, to evaluate the suitability and performance of OpenNebula Enterprise Edition in their environments and, secondly, to have a production-ready cloud up and running quickly and with a minimal upfront investment. More details at C12G’s Blog.

C12G is the primary private sponsor for the OpenNebula open-source Project, providing a variety of resources, including development, maintenance and infrastructure.

C12G Labs

Release of OpenNebula Enterprise Edition v1.4

C12G is proud to announce the release of OpenNebula Enterprise Edition 1.4 (build 7eae48fa). OpenNebula EE 1.4 is an enterprise-grade distribution of the widely used OpenNebula Cloud Toolkit. The codebase for OpenNebula EE 1.4 is built from the last stable release of OpenNebula plus selected patches form the OpenNebula repository and additional bug fixes and features.

OpenNebula EE 1.4 has been also extensively tested and certified for the most common platforms in the industry. OpeNebula EE 1.4 highlights are:

  • Based in the most advanced open-source toolkit for building private, public and hybrid clouds, offering unique features for Cloud Management to administer the complexity of large-scale distributed infrastructures.
  • Specific patches to improve the scalability of OpenNebula on thousands of cores
  • Support for new heuristics for VM placement
  • Stability fixes for the KVM, Xen and VMware drivers
  • Multicluster support
  • Revised documentation available in PDF format

Based in the most advanced open-source toolkit for building private, public and hybrid clouds, offering unique features for Cloud Management to administer the complexity of large-scale distributed infrastructures.Specific patches to improve the scalability of OpenNebula on thousands of coresSupport for new heuristics for VM placementStability fixes for the KVM, Xen and VMware driversMulticluster supportRevised documentation available in PDF format

C12G can work with you to further customize and certify OpenNebula EE to meet your requirements. Our support subscription includes the preparation a custom distribution addressing the requirements and constraints of your environment.C12G has a strong commitment with the open source OpenNebula edition and will contribute back these developments to the community repository

For more information visit www.c12g.com

OpenNebula Cloud Toolkit Goes Commercial

The authors of the widely used OpenNebula toolkit have founded a company to provide value-added enterprise-solutions around this leading open source technology for cloud computing. C12G Labs has been created to address the growing demand for commercial support and services around OpenNebula.

“Our experience is that one single cloud solution does not fit all the requirements and constraints from any data center. We provide our partners with technology and services to build their custom cloud solution, product or service”, said Ignacio M. Llorente, co-lead of the OpenNebula open-source project and Chief Executive Advisor of C12G Labs. “We are very excited with this new venture that will contribute to the future sustainability of OpenNebula. This open-source cloud-enabling technology will continue being distributed under Apache license and matured through a vibrant community. C12G has a strong commitment with OpenNebula and will contribute back to the community repository”.

Cloud management solutions, like OpenNebula, are key components in any cloud architecture, being responsible for the secure, efficient and scalable management of the cloud resources. C12G builds custom Cloud solutions by adapting an Enterprise Edition of OpenNebula to meet the performance, integration and configuration requirements of infrastructure, processes or use cases of partners and customers.

“OpenNebula is the result of many years of research and the interaction with some of the major players in the Cloud arena. From the beginning, OpenNebula has been designed to be flexible enough to adapt to any infrastructure and to scale to thousands of virtual machines and cores” said Ruben S. Montero, co-lead of the OpenNebula open-source project and Chief Technology Advisor of C12G Labs. “We are convinced that OpenNebula will be one of the key technologies needed to build next generation Cloud infrastructures”.

The first version of the OpenNebula Enterprise Edition will be available in few days to customers and partners with an active support subscription.

For more info: http://www.C12G.com

Ignacio M. Llorente