OpenNebula at LinuxTag Berlin 2012

Last wednesday OpenNebula participated the the LinuxTag conference, which is currently being held in Berlin, Germany. LinuxTag is one of the leading open source conferences in Europe and we had the chance to introduce OpenNebula to the public, explaining most of its features for cloud providers, integrators, and cloud consumers. Additionally we had a look to the current state of the project and the upcoming features.

It was a great experience to participate in this edition of LinuxTag!

OpenNebula Speaking about Cloud for HPC at NASA Ames

Ignacio M. Llorente, Director of OpenNebula, will give an invited talk at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division – NASA Ames on the 24th of May  about cloud computing architecture with OpenNebula, with special focus on cloud deployments for High Performance Computing environments. You can find bellow the slides and the abstract of the presentation.

OpenNebula is a fully open-source cloud management platform, with excellent performance and scalability to manage tens of thousands of virtual machines, and with the most advanced functionality for building virtualized enterprise data centers and private cloud infrastructures. OpenNebula is the result of many years of research and development in efficient and scalable management of virtual machines on large-scale distributed infrastructures. Its innovative features have been developed to address the requirements of business use cases from leading companies in the context of flagship international projects in cloud computing. OpenNebula is being used by many supercomputing and leading research centers to build HPC and science clouds for hosting virtualized computational environments, such as batch farms and computing clusters, or for providing users with new “HPC as a service” resource provisioning models. The talk describes how to design a cloud architecture with OpenNebula and its innovative features to enable the execution of flexible and elastic cluster and high performance computing services on demand while reducing the associated cost of building the datacenter infrastructure.

OpenNebula at OSDC 2012

This weekend we were at OSDC 2012 giving a presentation about OpenNebula as a solution for virtualization in Data Centers, giving a view of the feature set of OpenNebula under different perspectives: the Cloud consumer, the Cloud provider (or Cloud administrator) and the perspective of the Cloud integrator. Also, a one day workshop on how to install, configure, use and customize OpenNebula was given. The slides are uploaded to slideshare:

It was good to be back at OSDC, great feedback from OpenNebula users, great organization, and great city (Nüremberg). Hope to be back for OSDC 2013!
Thanks to @netways for the picture.

Upcoming OpenNebula Workshop at the OSDC 2012

The OpenNebula project will be giving an intensive tutorial on basic and advance usage and configuration of the new OpenNebula 3.2.1 at the Open Source Datacenter Conference (OSDC 2012) to take place in Nuremberg, Germany, on the 25th and 26th of April 2012. Preregistration for the workshop is needed.

Complementing the workshop, a 1-hour presentation will be given stating the latest features of OpenNebula, including an overview of it design principles, the history of the OpenNebula project and some other curiosities.

OpenNebula Cloud Workshop in Timisoara

Last Thursday, 16th of February, a Cloud Computing and OpenNebula workshop took place in Timisoara, Romania. The event was organized by a team of passionate people as an initiative to spread the word about Cloud Computing in Romania. This was the first of a series of events that are going to take place around the country, especially in the cities with internationally recognized technical Universities.

The Workshop consisted of two parts. The first part was a presentation about Cloud Computing as a concept and how Cloud Computing revolutionizes the use and deployment of IT services. The pay-as-you-grow billing model was emphasized because it helps new startups and individuals.

In the second part of the event I talked about the open source ecosystem and OpenNebula. I presented the OpenNebula architecture with emphasis on Sunstone. I haven’t presented OpenNebula in greater detail because I wanted to show the participants how easy it is to use a Cloud after it’s set up. In the next events I am planning to do a live installation together with the participants, along with a thorough explanation and presentation of OpenNebula’s internal architecture.

A small use case was shown, the implementation of an email Cloud using OpenNebula, Postfix and Cyrus-IMAP. I started with stock Debian Squeeze (6.0.4) images and with the help of the contextualization mechanism from OpenNebula I built the VM to deliver the service. The Cyrus-IMAP mailboxes, and VM files are stored on MooseFS.  I will post details about the system on this blog in the near future. I am also building a git online repo with the contextualization scripts I have used in case anybody needs them.

Taking into account the number of participants, around 35 people, and the positive feedback I have received after the event I can say that the event was a success. You can find more details about the workshop on our Facebook page. Thank you OpenNebula community for this wonderful software you are all working on!

OpenNebula at FOSDEM 2012

This weekend we were at FOSDEM giving a presentation about OpenNebula development, and how to integrate it with external technologies; you can get the slides in our community page. It was a great opportunity to get feedback from the community, and to meet with the people behind the projects we collaborate with, DeltacloudCompatibleOne, Xen Cloud Platform, ….

We had a great time, and we are already looking forward to next year’s event!

Thanks to @amiatylabs for the pic.

OpenNebula in the EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Cloud and Future Internet

OpenNebula has been invited by the European Commission to speak at The 4th EU-Japan Symposium on New Generation Networks and Future Internet in Tokyo the 19th of January, 2011. Our Project Director will speak about the key technology challenges in IaaS cloud computing to enable the Future Internet of Services, through scalable and elastic service platforms, cloud aggregation architectures to enable the collaboration and interoperation of cloud providers, and improvement of security, reliability and energy sustainability.

OpenNebula is addressing many of these challenges through innovative features that address the requirements of business use cases from leading companies across multiple industries in the context of flagship international projects in cloud computing, such as RESERVOIR, StratusLab, BonFIRE, or 4CaaSt. Additionally, OpenNebula is being used as reference open stack for cloud computing in several large research and infrastructure projects.

Send us an email to if you want to meet us at the EU-Japan Symposium!

OpenNebula Participation in Upcoming Cloud Events (May 2011)

The OpenNebula Project is participating in several upcoming events in cloud computing:

Would be great to meet you at these venues.  If you want to connect, please send an email to

OpenNebula in the Cloudscape III Use Cases and Position Papers

Cloudscape III – Driving Europe’s Cloud computing Strategy – took place on the 15 and 16 of March in Brussels offering the perfect opportunity for experts, developers and end-users in the cloud computing space to become part of the cloud standards process. The event, hosted by the EC-funded SIENA initiative, brought a 360° overview on the Cloud computing landscape, covering benefits for enterprise, research and government alongside challenges spanning scalability, data movement, ownership and privacy, security and legal issues, openness and interoperability.

The SIENA initiative presented its document SIENA European Roadmap on Grid and Cloud Standards for e-Science and Beyond. This document addresses requirements, technologies, and interoperability and standards for e-infrastructure to support existing, ongoing, and future research in the European Research Area. The document includes use cases and position papers collected for the Cloudscape III  event. Many of these use cases refer to OpenNebula as core component in their architecture and as a reference open cloud stack to enable interoperable enterprise class cloud computing platforms. Our presentation in this strategic event described the position of OpenNebula on interoperability and standards for cloud computing.

OpenNebula/RESERVOIR Training in Paris, March 22, 2011

The RESERVOIR project is organizing an OpenNebula training session in Paris on March 22, similar to the one held in Brussels last January. The training will be given by CETIC and the RESERVOIR project and will take place in La Cantine.

RESERVOIR is an IBM-led joint research initiative of 13 European partners to develop technologies that help automate the fluctuating demand for IT resources in a cloud computing environment. To pave the way to adoption of cloud technology by businesses, the RESERVOIR project has integrated a set of virtualization and cloud management tools. The participants will learn about the global architecture of the RESERVOIR Framework, with a particular attention given to OpenNebula. The training will cover the management aspects: installation, configuration and administration. The participants will also learn about the use of OpenNebula, including private, hybrid and public cloud topologies. The course includes hands-on exercises to be performed using attendee’s laptops.

This event is free of charge, but you must register by sending an e-mail to as attendance is restricted to 20 persons.