OpenNebula Community Champions

Champion: ¨a person who voluntarily takes extraordinary interest in the adoption, implementation, and success of a cause, policy, program, project, or product. He or she will typically try to force the idea through entrenched internal resistance to change, and will evangelize it throughout the organization. Also called change advocate, change agent, or idea champion”.

Definition from Business Dictionary

Who are the OpenNebula Champions?

The OpenNebula Champions are an exclusive group of passionate technology and community leaders that represent OpenNebula, help sustain and grow its user base, and act as a liaison between other open-source projects and their community.

What is the Role of a Champion?

Champions are passionate volunteers who work to connect, teach and spread OpenNebula globally. Some of the roles that a Champion can play are:

  • Be a go-to resource for people interested in OpenNebula
    • Inspire, recruit and support new users and contributors
    • Solicit, gather and share feedback from users
    • Answer questions at events, on social media, blogs, etc.
  • Represent the OpenNebula project
    • Speak and demonstrate OpenNebula at industry events
    • Participate in local meetups, user groups, etc.
    • Act as a liaison with other open-source projects
  • Spread the word of OpenNebula
    • Organize community local events (TechDay, hands-on tutorial, lecture or meetup)
    • Publish blog posts
    • Engage in discussions in blogs and social media

How the Project Supports its Champions?

The project provides the following support to its Champions:

  • Visibility in the Community Champions section at
  • Participation in the exclusive Champions mailing list where you get the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas, and direction that will help grow OpenNebula
  • Free pass to OpenNebula Conferences and Events
  • Marketing and training material for your community events
  • Promotion of your community events and presentations
  • Funding for all expenses incurred while representing the project

What is required of a Champion?

Champion is a volunteer position for contributors that are:

  • Passionate about the cloud
  • Independent-minded and credible
  • Proven track record in the OpenNebula community
  • Knowledgeable of OpenNebula and cloud technology
  • Excited at the prospect of helping others
  • Already engaged with OpenNebula in some way, contributing to forums, online groups, community, etc.

How we select Champions?

Champions are selected through a peer review process based on their (1) exemplary contributions to, and outstanding engagement with, the OpenNebula community, and their (2) geographic location.

You can check our Community Champions page to see the select group of OpenNebula Champions.