How to Contribute to Spread our Word

OpenNebula actively organizes and participates in four different types of events:

  • OpenNebula Conferences
  • OpenNebula Technology Days
  • OpenNebula User Groups Meetings
  • Cloud and Open-source Events

Join our community discuss mailing list if you are interested in starting a User Group, hosting a TechDays event, or helping spread the word about OpenNebula and open source cloud computing.

OpenNebula Conferences


The OpenNebula Conferences are global community events focused on:

  • Discussing the latest technology updates, roadmap, and features
  • Supporting the developers community
  • Presenting use cases and deployment experiences
  • Introducing new integrations and ecosystem developments
  • Collaborating with other open-source projects and communities

Join our community discuss mailing list if you interested in helping us organize a Conference.

Upcoming Conferences

Past Conferences

OpenNebula Technology Days

The OpenNebula TechDays are full day events to learn about OpenNebula with a hands-on cloud installation and operation workshop, and presentations from community members.

See how you can host a TechDay event

OpenNebula User Groups Meetings

These are local community events that include tutorials and open sessions to share best practices, discuss technical questions, network, and learn from each other.

See how you can start and lead a new User Group in your area

Cloud and Open-source Events

These are conferences about cloud computing and open-source that include talks about OpenNebula or talks by OpenNebula community members.

You can help us spread our word. Speaking at a technical conference is an excellent way to share your experiences and participate in the community. We can provide different types of support, like review your talk or promote it through our blog and social instruments. You can use any material available at this site.

Join our community discuss mailing list if you are interested in speaking about OpenNebula.

The latest presentations are available at the OpenNebula SlideShare account.

Upcoming Cloud Events with Participation of OpenNebula

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