Cloud Technology Days

The OpenNebula Cloud TechDays are day-long educational and networking events to learn about OpenNebula with a hands-on workshop on cloud installation and operation, and presentations from community members and users that focus on:

  • Sharing cloud use cases and deployment experiences
  • Introducing new integrations and developments
  • Describing other related cloud open-source projects and tools

The OpenNebula TechDay events are targeted at

  • Cloud architects
  • Data center admins
  • Systems admins and integrators
  • DevOps architects
  • Solutions architect

The emphasis is to find local speakers and users to come together to share stories from their experiences using OpenNebula.

OpenNebula TechDays has been inspired in the successful CentOS Dojo events.

Upcoming Schedule

We are preparing the event schedule for 2018. Review the TechDay guidelines and complete the form if you are interested in hosting a TechDay event.

Past Schedule

About the Hands-on Workshop

TechDays include a hands-on workshop about cloud installation and operation with the following contents:

Topic Duration Description
OpenNebula – the Project 30 mins Brief introduction to the history of the Project, the philosophy behind it, its main features, the community and the company.
Setting up a Test and Training Environment 30 mins Deploy two Virtual Machines with VirtualBox in which you will install OpenNebula.
Installation and Configuration 30 mins How to install OpenNebula and configure it to adapt to your environment. Storage and Networking required in the Front-end and Hypervisors.
Virtual Resources 30 mins Register the necessary resources: hosts, networks, images and templates. These are the building blocks to deploy new VMs.
Virtual Machine Management 45 mins Deploy Virtual Machines and understand how to operate them: live migration, regular migration, resize, disk and network attach, etc. Life-cycle operations: poweroff, suspend, undeploy, etc.
Multi-Tenancy 30 mins Create groups, users, group admins. Quotas, accounting, showback, ACLs. Cloud View for final users.
OneFlow 45 mins Deploy multi-VM services. Send metrics to OpenNebula using OneGate. Scaling policies. User inputs.


Send us an email at if you are interested in sponsoring one of these events. These are not for profit events, all funds raised are rolled into the OpenNebula promo fund and will be used for further OpenNebula TechDay Events.