Compare Support Options

You can choose between three different levels of support depending on your level of commitment to the project and your needs:

  • Community Support: Developers, researchers and technical enthusiasts test and evaluate the capabilities of the software, and build cloud environments for research purposes.
  • Basic Commercial Support: Corporations, research centers and governments that require expert support assistance with basic SLAs during customization and building phases or to operate non-production cloud environments for testing/development applications.
  • Production Commercial Support: Corporations, research centers and governments that require expert support assistance with production SLAs to operate cloud environments for production applications.

Description of Benefits


Certified Software

Open-source Code

  • OpenNebula is fully open-source software released under Apache v2.0 license that is completely available in a public repository.

Regular Updates

Migration Path

  • Upgrade process to easy migrate your production environment to new versions of the software.

Maintenance Releases

  • Incremental updates between minor/major releases to fix multiple outstanding issues. Both code and packages are publicly available.

Enterprise Add-ons and Tools

  • Software components that complement OpenNebula and are only available in the enterprise repository for users with an active commercial subscription.

Product Influence

  • We listen to all users when determining our product roadmap, but the feature requests by users with an active Basic and Production subscription get bumped up to the front of the line.

Minor Enhancements

  • Delivery of software patches to provide minor enhancements.

Hot Fixes

  • Incremental updates to fix specific critical impact issues. Although all code in OpenNebula is fully open, packages from hotfix incremental versions are not publicly released, and are only available in the enterprise repository for users with an active commercial subscription.




  • PDF version of the online guides.

Discount in Public Events and Training


Latest Version Support

  • Within Community and Commercial Support, OpenNebula Systems offers Support and maintenance for the latest stable major or minor release.

Services Add-ons

  • The Services Add-ons are designed to help support subscription customers springboard their productivity, speed up time to deployment, and reduce business and technical risks through professional assistance with initial set-up, configuration, support, knowledge transfer, verification and upgrade of an OpenNebula cloud reference architecture.

Expert Support

  • The OpenNebula Systems engineering team wrote most of the source code of OpenNebula and is in a unique position to provide support and services that require commercial SLAs.

Enterprise Portal Access

  • The Support Portal provides all of the benefits of a commercial subscription such as direct interactions with the experts, real-time tracking of incidents, and critical issue notifications.

Enterprise Repository

  • Repository exclusive for users with an active support subscription to download the recommended OpenNebula packages and the enterprise add-ons and tools.

Privacy and Security

  • IT assets often provide a critical competitive advantage, so enterprises are understandably concerned that using public mailing lists for technical support may reveal confidential corporate information. The privacy and security of the Support Portal ensure that your confidential corporate information always remains private.

Support SLAs

Remote Access (via ssh)

  • As part of an incident resolution, and only when the incident cannot be diagnosed and solved through the portal, OpenNebula Systems support engineers will remotely access your system through a ssh connection.

Previous Version Support

  • OpenNebula Systems provides Maintenance Support for a software version for three months since the release of the latest version to allow time to update. This Maintenance Support period is extended to six months when the latest version is an upgrade (major version).

Extended Life Support (extension)

  • OpenNebula Systems offers optional Extended Life Support for customers interested in longer term Support of previous upgrade (major) versions..


  • OpenNebula Systems offers indemnification for copyright infringement claims made by third parties against customers and partners with an active subscription, so you can deploy OpenNebula in your business without complex legal concerns.

OpenNebula Powered Logo

  • Users with an active subscription can use the OpenNebula Powered logo to help cloud consumers quickly identify cloud infrastructures that are powered by OpenNebula and supported by OpenNebula Systems.

Licensing Flexibility

  • OpenNebula is available under Apache v2.0 license, and can be released under a different license to meet customer’s and partner’s needs and requirements.


Year Subscription

  • Subscriptions are for a specified time period and not for a particular release. So you can move to any currently supported release of OpenNebula at no additional cost with a permanent license to use the software; there are no large upfront license fees or hidden costs.