LINBIT keeps Linux systems up and running. As the developers of DRBD® software (, LINBIT has led the way in high availability since 2001. DRBD has been included in the Linux kernel since version 2.6.33 (2009), has been deployed on all major Linux distributions and is fully compatible with systems, applications, devices and services. LINBIT SDS, a high performing Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solution using Linux OS for shared block storage which integrates with the relevant cloud and virtualization systems and thus with OpenNebula. With it common-off-the-shelf hardware is turned into blazingly fast, reliable block storage.

  • Location: Vienna, Austria and Beaverton, Oregon, USA
  • Geographic Focus: Worldwide
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LINBIT SDS provides transparent, real-time replication of block devices without the need for specialty hardware.  LINBIT SDS offers, with the add-on for OpenNebula and the LINSTOR middle-ware, a seamless integration of the capabilities of Linux’s LVM or ZFS on Linux in combination with DRBD’s replication to OpenNebula.  Thus, it leverages on all the features available in these long-established and mature open source software components. You can define virtual storage pools for OpenNebula that define the desired redundancy level of your data. The system will spread the instances of the replicated sets evenly over the available storage nodes.  Overall, this forms a simple, scale-out storage solution protecting your data while delivering the highest performance.  The solutions contain open source components bundled with support from it’s creators.