LizardFS INC

LizardFS, Inc. provides Software Defined Storage that has great and proven scalability, reliability, performance and self healing capabilities. Est. in 2012 set out a clear goal to deliver the best SDS solution to the Open Source community with Enterprise level support for mission critical applications. LizardFS, is used throughout the globe by media, academic, scientific, telecommunication, industrial and financial organisations to store and facilitate data processing on a multi-petabyte scale. With native connectors to Hadoop, Windows, pNFS, QEMU and, recently, OpenNebula, LizardFS strives to bring huge data sets where they are needed the most – to the hands of data scientists, cloud infrastructure operators, DevOps and creators.

  • Location: Irvine, California
  • Geographical Focus: Worldwide
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Software Defined Storage.

Scale-out, Distributed, Parallel, Geo-redundant, Highly Available File System.

All data is distributed among multiple chunk servers.

Disk and server failures are handled transparently, without any downtime or loss of data. If storage requirements grow, it is straightforward to scale an existing LizardFS installation by simply adding new servers – at any time and without any downtime. The system will automatically move data to the newly added servers, as it continuously manages the balancing of disk usage across all connected nodes. Removing a server is just as easy as adding a new one.

Chunk servers are build on standard commodity platforms and layered on top of any POSIX filesystem like ZFS so all the performance tuning options can be used.

LizardFS is 100% Hardware agnostic. You can run it on any hardware you want as long as it can be managed by a Linux or Unix system.

Performance depends on how you build your chunk servers so if you want extra high performance, you just improve your chunk servers or use a small group of chunk servers as your high performance tier.

Official part of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora.