NodeWeaver is a zero-management hyperconverged infrastructure – that integrates storage, networking and virtualization in a single system. It has an easy to use interface (based on OpenNebula) and a management system that automates most tasks and simplify activities that would otherwise require highly skilled expensive personnel.

  • Location: Pordenone, Italy
  • Geographic Focus: Worldwide
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Product Description

NodeWeaver extends and integrates OpenNebula, adding complete management of the internal distributed file system and of the autonomic management engine. Thanks to the simplicity and modularity of OpenNebula, we were able to add suppport for instantaneous snapshots, backups, remote management and much more.

Product Benefits

NodeWeaver can be installed on any server in less than 10 minutes, and configuration is limited to providing the management IP address. Any other configuration is performed automatically by the autonomous management engine. The integration of backup and self-management allows OpenNebula users to get the same kind of functionality as provided by vSAN, Veeam and vRealize.

Even More Info

With more than 220 installations ranging from SMEs to large companies and Public Administrations, we are one of the leading provider of OpenNebula-based clusters.