StorPool is software-defined storage solution. It is intelligent software that runs on standard hardware – servers, drives, network – and turns them into high-performance storage system. StorPool replaces traditional storage arrays, all-flash arrays or other inferior storage software (SDS 1.0 solutions).

StorPool Distributed Storage

StorPool is integrated with OpenNebula. The integration is performed as a new datastore driver in ONE. OpenNebula persistent and non persistent images(virtual disks) are safely stored in a StorPool cluster, with the usual high level of reliability and performance, with ONE controling and monitoring the StorPool cluster itself. For example, when you create a VM in OpenNebula, it instructs StorPool to create a new volume for the VM, which may be based on an ONE template. When an ONE template is being imported, it goes directly into the StorPool image data store. For more information on how the integration is performed click HERE.

With StorPool, any OpenNebula cloud gets exceptional storage bandwidth, IOPS and low latency, enabling companies to provision many more VMs per host. Combining both products allows for seamless scalability in terms of capacity and performance, as well as increased reliability.

The solution is a drop in replacement for traditional SANs, all-flash arrays (AFA) and other slower or less efficient storage software. Besides having significant technological advantages, running a cloud with StorPool and OpenNebula can also considerably lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase the Return on Investment (ROI).