VirtualCable sells UDS Enterprise, a VDI multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux, through a subscription model, including product support and updates in segments based on number of users.

UDS Enterprise

Product Description

UDS Enterprise is a multiplatform connection broker for:

  • VDI, Windows and Linux virtual desktops administration and deployment
  • App virtualization
  • Desktop services consolidation
  • Automatic resource life cycle management
  • From: Onsite / Cloud based IT resources, legacy & hyperconvergence

In short, UDS Enterprise fully manages user access to IT resources in both hyperconverged and traditional platforms.

Product Benefits
  • Very easy installation, administration and usability
  • Integration of several OS, hypervisors, connection protocols and authenticators running simultaneously
  • Open Source core: customization, third party software integration
  • Unlimited flexibility and scalability
  • 2 levels cache system: resources saving
  • Product roadmap based on client and community requests
  • No licensing, subscription system featuring NBD personal support and product updates
  • Inverse costs scaling: the more users, the more the platform cost decreases
Even More Info

UDS Enterprise is the only VDI connection broker that is OpenNebula Ready certified and publishes on OpenNebula. With OpenNebula as cloud manager and UDS Enterprise as VDI connection broker, any company deploying desktop virtualization can build a strong, secure, efficient and high-performance VDI infrastructure.

UDS Enterprise and OpenNebula integration allows to automatically deploy and manage virtual desktops’ full lifecycle, ensuring an efficient use of resources, providing extra security and enabling access from any device and any operating system