An industry pioneer, Virtuozzo developed the first commercially available container technology in 2001, which today is used by over 700 service providers, ISVs and enterprises to enable over 5 million virtual environments running mission-critical cloud workloads. Today, Virtuozzo continues to innovate in areas ranging from industry-leading virtualized object storage to cloud-optimized Linux distributions to groundbreaking container migration technologies. A significant force in the open source community, Virtuozzo sponsors and/or is a contributor to numerous open source projects including OpenVZ, CRIU, KVM, Docker, OpenStack, and the Linux kernel.

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Virtuozzo Platform

Product Description

Virtuozzo 7 is a hyperconverged platform that features fine-tuned QEMU/KVM for virtualization, efficient software-defined storage, and fully functional cluster management. At Virtuozzo we are constantly working on expanding our ecosystem by supporting more use cases, which is achieved by preserving compatibility with open APIs like libvirt.

Product Benefits

With this release, we are aiming to bring Virtuozzo 7 and OpenNebula together and achieve a synergistic effect by combining efficient infrastructure components with advanced yet simple control plane.

Even More Info

Prerequisites 1. Virtuozzo Cluster consists of 3+ nodes powered by Virtuozzo Hypervisor 7 and distributed storage enabled by Virtuozzo Storage 2. Virtuozzo Cluster should use at least 2 network interfaces one each node for Management and Data IO 3. OpenNebula version 5.4