Fund a Feature

What is the Fund a Feature Program?

When we define the roadmap for a new OpenNebula release we listen to all users, trying to prioritize the features demanded by the organizations supporting the open-source project with a commercial subscription. However we cannot guarantee a time frame for their development. The Fund a Feature Program can be used to implement within a given time frame new functionality or enhancements in the code, new or enhanced drivers, or new integrations with existing management, billing and other OAM&P systems.

How Does It Work?

We have a whole list of features we’re working on. If your feature isn’t on the list, you can use GitHub to make a new feature request, just open a new issue and complete the template section for feature requests. Then contact us to communicate that you are interested in funding the feature. Our development team will prepare a Statement of Work containing the scope and specifications of the feature, a work plan, the delivery dates, and the cost of the development. The cost of each feature varies based upon complexity of its development, documentation and certification. This Statement of Work will be sent to you for your approval. This quote is free and puts you under no obligation to fund the feature.

The development of new features occurs in the public repository of OpenNebula, and the new code undergoes the testing, continuous integration, and QA processes of OpenNebula before its incorporation into the main OpenNebula distribution. The new code and documentation will publicly acknowledge your funding support, and the OpenNebula web site will include your name on the list of featured contributors.

Thanks for Funding OpenNebula!

Funding a feature not only gets you the feature you need faster, but allows you to contribute to the open source project from which you derive so much value.

We would like to thank those organizations who have funded the project through the Fund a Feature Program.