March 26th, 2013. The project has come a long way since the first “technology preview” of OpenNebula five years ago. During these years we’ve witnessed the rise and hype of the Cloud, the birth and decline of several virtualization technologies, but specially the encouraging and exciting growth of OpenNebula; both as a technology and as an active and engaged community.

OpenNebula 4.0 is the result of the terrific feedback of the day-to-day operation of virtualized infrastructures by many of you, result of all your contributions, bug reports, patches, and translations, but one and foremost, OpenNebula 4.0 is the realization of a vision of simplicity, openness, code-correctness and a sysadmin-centric approach. This defines our personality as a community, it defines the OpenNebula Way. Now the features that you’ve been waiting for….

OpenNebula 4.0 includes new features in most of its subsystems. We are showing for the first time a completely redesigned Sunstone, with a fresh and modern look and an updated workflow for most of the dialogs. A whole new set of operations for VMs like system and disk snapshoting, capacity re-sizing, programmable VM actions and IPv6 among others. There are some new drivers also, like Ceph; as well as minor improvements for VMware, KVM and Xen. The scheduler has received some attention from the OpenNebula team to easily define more placement policies… and much more.  Check the full release notes for details.

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Post Bonus… a Suntone video preview

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