OpenNebula 3.2 will be released in a few days. Along with other major features, it will include a new easy-to-use web-based end-user interface: OpenNebula Self-Service. This new GUI will complement the existing GUIs for the operation of the cloud (OpenNebula Sunstone) and for the management of multiple zones and virtual data centers (OpenNebula Zones ).

OpenNebula Self-Service is meant to offer a simplified interface to end-users of  the OpenNebula cloud. Self-Service works on top of OpenNebula’s OCCI server and it allows users to easily create, deploy and manage compute, storage (including upload of images) and network resources in seconds. Its aim is to offer a simplified access to shared infrastructure for non-IT end users.

On top of that, OpenNebula Self-Service will come ready to be re-branded, as it is easily customizable (icons, help texts and logos). Last but not least, it will include internationalization support.

Here are some screenshots of the new graphical user interface:

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