Besides our annual OpenNebula Conference, we are planning to organize Technology Day events in multiple cities globally during 2016.

The OpenNebula TechDays are full day events to learn about OpenNebula with a hands-on cloud installation and operation workshop, and presentations from community members and users that will focus on:

  • Sharing cloud use cases and deployment experiences
  • Introducing new integrations and ecosystem developments
  • Describing other related cloud open-source projects and tools

In the shorter term we would like to organize TechDays in USA (East and West coasts) and Europe, like we did during 2015:

For more information on past events, please visit the Cloud Technology Days page. These are not for profit events, all funds raised are rolled into the OpenNebula promo fund and will be used for further OpenNebula TechDay Events.

We look forward to your answers

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