Referencing OpenNebula

If you want to reference the OpenNebula project in your slides, blog post, etc. you can use the following resources.

Naming Conventions

Refer to our project as either “The OpenNebula Project” or just “OpenNebula”.

Please avoid common misspelling such as “Open Nebula” (two words instead of one), “OpenNEbula” (even though we frequently refer to OpenNebula as “ONE”, the project’s name is still written “OpenNebula”), or “Nebula” (which is a different project).

Referencing in Scholarly Publications

If you want to reference OpenNebula in a scholarly publication (conference paper, journal article, etc.), please do not reference our website. Instead, please include a bibliographical reference to the following publication:

IaaS Cloud Architecture: From Virtualized Datacenters to Federated Cloud Infrastructures, R. Moreno-Vozmediano, R. S. Montero, I. M. Llorente. IEEE Computer, vol. 45, pp. 65-72, Dec. 2012.

If your work uses or extends OpenNebula in a substantial way, we’d like to hear about it! Please send our Community Manager a copy of your paper, or a brief summary of your work, and we’ll feature it on our website and blog.

Linking to OpenNebula

If you’d like to link to our webpage, please link to either or