Participate, Contribute and Stay Up-to-Date

Being involved in the community isn’t difficult. The OpenNebula project offers the following resources to support your active engagement.

Community Tool What
Development Infrastructure Make feature requests, report bugs, and contribute patches and new functionality
Code Repository Download and test the latest development version
DocsDocumentation Repository Fix bugs, typos, hard to read tutorials, and more
Add-ons Create and share new tools, extensions and plug-ins that complement OpenNebula
i18n Help us translate our web-based user interfaces
Marketplace Create and share virtual appliances that run on OpenNebula clouds
Forum Contribute to provide best-effort support for users, administrators and integrators
News Receive communications about the project like new releases, community events, tutorials, workshops, webinars, newsletters, cool hacks and more
#opennebula IRC channel Contribute to community support, hosted in Freenode (
LinkedInTwitterFacebook Communicate with the rest of the community
Community Blog Publish experiences or use cases
OpenNebulaConf Help spread the word about OpenNebula and open source cloud computing
VideosPresentations Learn about OpenNebula and user experiences