Commercial Support

Value-added Services

OpenNebula Systems offers a comprehensive set of consulting, training, engineering and support subscription servicesaround OpenNebula. The OpenNebula Systems engineering team wrote most of the source code and is in a unique position to provide support and services that require commercial SLAs. OpenNebula Systems manages the project and contributes to its long-term sustainability, dedicating an amount of its own engineering resources to support and develop OpenNebula and so to maintain OpenNebula’s position as the leading and most advanced open-source technology to build cloud infrastructures.

Services at Any Stage of Cloud Adoption

We are cloud computing specialists that can help you at any stage of cloud computing adoption with OpenNebula.

Operating a Cloud Infrastructure

  • The Support Subscription provides long term multi-year support, production-level support with professional SLAs, guaranteed patches, regular updates and upgrades, product influence, access to enterprise add-ons and tools, and privacy and security guarantee, all at a competitive cost without high upfront fees.

Designing, Deploying, Verifying or Upgrading your Cloud Infrastructure

  • The Services Add-ons are designed to help support subscription customers springboard their productivity, speed up time to deployment, and reduce business and technical risks through professional assistance with initial set-up, configuration, support, knowledge transfer, verification and upgrade of an OpenNebula cloud reference architecture.

Training Your IT Staff on OpenNebula

  • The Training Services provide your IT staff with the skills they need to install, configure, customize and operate OpenNebula.