This new contribution to the OpenNebula Ecosystem expands OpenNebula by enabling the use of the well-known hypervisor VirtualBox to create and manage virtual machines.

OneVBox supports the upcoming OpenNebula 3.0 (currently in beta) and VirtualBox 4.0. It is composed of several scripts, mostly written in Ruby, which interpret the XML virtual machine descriptions provided by OpenNebula and perform necessary actions in the VirtualBox node.

OneVBox can deploy but also save, restore and migrate VirtualBox VMs from one physical node to a different one.

Using the new OneVBox driver is very easy and can be done in a few steps:

  1. Download and install the driver. Run from the driver folder:
    user@frontend $> ./

    Make sure that you have permissions to write in the OpenNebula folders. $ONE_LOCATION can be used to define the self-contained install path, otherwise it will be installed in system-wide mode.

  2. Enable the plugin. Put this in the oned.conf file and start OpenNebula: [shell]
    IM_MAD = [
    name = "im_vbox",
    executable = "one_im_ssh",
    arguments = "-r 0 -t 15 vbox" ]

    VM_MAD = [
    name = "vmm_vbox",
    executable = "one_vmm_exec",
    arguments = "vbox",
    default = "vmm_exec/vmm_exec_vbox.conf",
    type = "xml" ]

  3. Add a VirtualBox host. For example:
    oneadmin@frontend $> onehost create hostname im_vbox vmm_vbox tm_ssh

    OneVBox also includes ab OpenNebula Sunstone plugin that will enable adding VirtualBox hosts and creating VirtualBox VM templates from the web interface. In order to enable it just add the following lines to etc/sunstone-plugins.yaml:

    – user-plugins/vbox-plugin.js:
    :ALL: true

    (Tip: When copy/pasting, avoid using tabs in YAML files, they’re not supported)

For more information, you can visit the OpenNebula Ecosystem page for OneVBox. If you have questions or problems, please let us know on the Ecosystem mailing list or open an issue in the OneVBox github tracker.

A recommendation for version 1.1 of the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) was recently released by the Open Grid Forum (OGF) (see OGF183 and OGF184). To add OCCI 1.1 support for OpenNebula, we created the Ecosystem project “OCCI for OpenNebula”. The goal of the project is to develop a complete, robust and interoperable implementation of OCCI 1.1 for OpenNebula.

Although the project is still in an early stage, today we released a first version that supports creating and deleting Virtual Networks, Images and Machines. Information on installation and configuration of the OCCI 1.1 extension can be found in the Wiki of the project.

Florian Feldhaus, Piotr Kasprzak – TU Dortmund