VirtualBox SandBox

The sandbox is a CentOS 7 virtual machine image with a pre-configured OpenNebula 5.6 front-end, a virtualization host using QEMU ready to execute virtual machines, and prepared images to offer a complete and rich cloud experience. Optionally other physical worker nodes using any of the hypervisors supported by OpenNebula can be enrolled to build small-scale cloud infrastructures. Users are able to log into an OpenNebula cloud, peer the managed resources, and launch instances of virtual machines without the hassle of configuring a physical infrastructure.

1. Requirements

  • 1GB free RAM for the Virtual Machine
  • 10 GB of free disk space
  • A 64-bit kernel
  • Virtualization Extensions

2. Download the Virtual Appliance

Download the OVA from here.

3. Download the Virtual Appliance

3.1 – Download and install VirtualBox

Follow this guide in order to install VirtualBox.

Mac OS X users should read this document and enable the 64-bit kernel, which might not be enabled by default. This is a list of the Macs that use the 64-bit kernel by default.

3.2 – Import the Sandbox

  • Start VirtualBox.
  • Select “File” -> “Import Appliance…”.
  • Browse to the previously download OVA file, and click “Next”.
  • Click “Import”..
  • The import procedure will take place and the new VM will be created.

3.3 – Start the Appliance

Click on the Start button and a Virtual Machine console will pop up. Wait until you see a login prompt that says ”one-sandbox login:”

At this point you can log in into the Virtual Machine using the following information:

  • Login: root
  • Password: opennebula

4. Take a Test Drive

In the guide referenced by in this section you will need to use localhost or as the IP

Follow this guide in order to check out what OpenNebula can do.