Latest Versions from Project Repositories

If you are building a cloud on KVM, LVM or VMware vCenter, you can download from the source code or the packages for your favorite Linux distribution.

While OpenNebula is fully open source, if you are an OpenNebula Systems customer with an active support subscription you will have access to more recent hotfix packages. Please check your private repository or the announcements section at

Latest Series 5 Stable

5.10.0 Boomerang

November 26, 2019

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Latest Series 4 Stable

4.14.2 Great A’ Tuin

November 25th, 2015

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Do You Already Have an Established VMware Environment?

We recommend you try vOneCloud, our CentOS Linux virtual appliance for vSphere that contains all required OpenNebula services and is optimized to work on existing VMware vCenter deployments.

OpenNebula 5.10 Guides

Documentation is as important as code. If you are interested in fixing bugs, typos, hard-to-read tutorials, and more, you can use the GitHub “Pull Request” model on the OpenNebula documentation public Git repository.

Introduction & RNs

Start here. Read this introduction before proceeding to the other guides.


Cloud Design and Installation guides for Cloud Admins deploying Open Cloud (KVM) and VMware.


For Cloud Users to setup and manage the virtual resources running on an OpenNebula cloud.

Advanced Components

For Experienced Cloud Administrators to setup and manage advanced deployments.


For Cloud Integrators and Developers to integrate OpenNebula with your product or platform.

Give Us Feedback

Contribute Experiences to our Blog

Share your experiences and use cases with the User Community with a Blog Post.

Report Bugs and Request Features

Provide input on discrepancies and areas for improvement in the OpenNebula product.


OpenNebula support is provided by an active community on a best-effort basis.

Check the documentation

Make sure to check the specific guides for the storage and virtualization solutions available in your cloud.

Check the archives

The existing discussions in the OpenNebula Forum are a rich source of useful information.

Ask in the Forum

Ask your questions in the OpenNebula Forum. Be specific and provide info about your environment (OpenNebula version, hypervisor, OS…).

Ask in the IRC

You can also find help in the #opennebula IRC channel on Freenode.


Ready-to-use service appliances with simple, deployable services, and all of the necessary packages installed.


You will find here all the Screencasts from Previous Releases.


Open source project that develops a turnkey enterprise ready solution.

Commercial Services

Support Subscriptions

SLA-based support plans

Services Add-ons

Help to design, build and upgrade your cloud


Hire consulting services